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Having killed the Bradbury Bee Leaders with your mighty Laser-Tank, you call for your first servant to fly your private jet and pick you up. You sit down and wait. The jet arrives and you hop in. You sit down in luxury as your first servant brings you a drink and returns to flying the jet.

An hour later, the jet arrives at your home. You go out and talk to your friends, Greenman, Yellowman and Orangelady.

Two days later, you return home and relax. You make a burger, grab a drink and sit down in front of the television. You turn it on. Channel 9001 news is on.

News Reporter: We interrupt this program to bring you a breaking news report.
News Reporter: ..The lost city of Atlantis! It has been found by a group of seven battleships.
News Reporter: However, only one battleship, with three people left alive on board, made it back to the surface.
News Reporter: Here's an interview with the three survivors, Yellowman, Greenman and Orangelady.
Greenman: Oh no, I'm never going back there again!
Orangelady: We were just taking the battleship out for a test 'drive'. We decided to go with the battleship group.
Greenman: But it turned out to be disaster...
Yellowman: And a major discovery.
Orangelady: Anyway, Greenman was steering our battleship with the group. And after about two hours, we found it. Atlantis.
Yellowman: We could all see inhabitants. It seems that something lived there. Everyone, in all the battleships saw it.
Greenman: But they weren't human. I took us closer, along with the other battleships, to have a look and maybe to greet them.
Yellowman: Greenman landed the ship...he's pretty good with controlling a massive battleship! Just in case the inhabitants were hostile, we all took weapons. I took a Shotgun.
Greenman: I grabbed a Rocket Launcher.
Orangelady: A pistol was fine for me.
Greenman: We set out. The other people in the battleships also left to meet them. But they didn't bring any weapons or defense.
Orangelady: Which was a big mistake for them...
Yellowman: As we went closer, we noticed lots of gray dot-things. They were-
Orangelady: Bacteria Giants.
Greenman: But not just any Bacteria Giants!
Yellowman: They were TYPE69-Retard Germs, and they were highly infectious.
Greenman: We also saw a bunch of deformed people, walking strangely around the Retard Germs.
Yellowman: Obviously, they were infected.
Orangelady: However, those were only in the front line... there was a massive group
Yellowman: And...they were...Bradbury Bees!
Greenman: That was enough. I'm destined to help people, not get infected. I yelled "RUN!" and took off
Yellowman: Orangelady and I ran along with Greenman. Every now and then, I fired a couple of shells through their hearts.
Orangelady: And I shot bullets. Not as powerful as a shotgun, but the bullets killed a lot.
Greenman: Of course, a rocket massacred them.
Orangelady: Anyway, the other groups ran off, knowing that they could get infected.
Yellowman: I activated Yellow Shield...
Greenman: And Green Shield...
Orangelady: And Orange Shield...
Greenman: Which protects us from range attacks they could use, like the retard germ cannons I noticed they had.
Yellowman: Of course, if the Retard Germs use their speed to catch us and infect us, we'd be doomed.
Greenman: We were almost to the ship. However, we saw an unfortunate scene...
Orangelady: More than 20 of the battleship people were being infected. It was horrible.
Yellowman: The ship lay only a couple of meters away, when-
Orangelady: A retard germ. It was flying toward us with the super speed that Germ Giants possess.
Greenman: It was coming straight for me...
Orangelady: And Greenman acted quickly and fired a rocket into it. It exploded and the Retard Germ died. Greenman has great reflexes.
Yellowman: We all hopped into the ship and took off. But the retard germs had entered the engine! Our battleship didn't work!
Orangelady: We ran to the small evac ships. These would be better to get away, as they were small and could go faster. And these evac ships could fly!
Yellowman: We got in. One each. We all started both the Evac Engine and the Emergency Evac Engine for high speed flying.
Greenman: And we took off. As we were reversing to take off, we saw another horrible sight...
Orangelady: The Retard Germs had infected and possessed all the other battleship people.
Yellowman: Possessed...then raped. There was no disinfection from such a thing.
Orangelady: They were permanently infected, so we could do nothing. We flew away.
Greenman: My house was the closest. We all flew there.
Orangelady: I wrote a quick script of what happened to report to Channel 9001 news.
Yellowman: Unfortunately, we couldn't take care of those Bradbury Bees, or those Retard Germs.
Greenman: We all have other bad guys to catch.
Orangelady: And being of the Super-powered species, none of us should go and battle them, as we aren't invulnerable to infection.
Yellowman: Only people of the Stick species are invulnerable to retard infection.
Greenman: So we called Eradicator.
Yellowman: The stick man who wiped out an entire group of Bradbury Bees, plus the Bradbury Bee Leaders.
Eradicator: ...I'm here!
Orangelady: Oh, hi!
Eradicator: So anyway, is that my next mission?
Greenman: Yes. Kill all the Infected Retards, the Retard Germs and the Bradbury Bees.
Eradicator: Yes, sir!
Yellowman: You shall start tomorrow. Use the remaining time to pack. Since you'll be fighting under water, you'll need the TYPE27 Plasma Oxygen supplier.
Eradicator: Got it.
Orangelady: And remember to bring something like... a rocket launcher!
Eradicator: Right. I'll also take a chainsaw...

News Reporter: And that's the breaking news. We return you to your previous program, Stick Madness 3.

..You, Eradicator, set out on the journey to Atlantis and to wipe out all of the Bradbury Bees and complete your mission.

Bradbury Bee Shootout 2
Bradbury Bee City
Release Date: 26 January 2010
Levels: 30
Fight your way through the Bradbury Bees, retards and the retard germs. Eradicate them!
With new weapons, like the sword, the chainsaw and the Plasma Rifle (and far more!), you can wipe out Bradbury Bees in masses!

...And, don't worry. Massacre levels still remain in this game!

How about no.
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Brilliant! Cant wait!

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