Sticks and Spikes - Released!

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Sticks and Spikes - Released!

Post by Snail on Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:32 am

Sticks and Spikes has finally been released! Join the Team JNT group (ask me or Thomas about it) for the free download! Tom will soon release a trailer for Sticks and Spikes, so stay tuned!

In Sticks and Spikes, you are a Stickman who wishes to venture out through the world. Jump through thirty different levels! (or maybe more Wink )

Sticks and Spikes
Version 1.0.0
Download at Team JNT
2.40 MB


Work has begun on two NEW versions of Sticks and Spikes:

* Kaizo Sticks and Spikes
-- Using similar elements to classic Sticks and Spikes, you must jump through very difficult maps! Ninja jumps, ninja spikes... you must be the ninja Stickman to survive!

* Sticks and Spikes 2
-- Classic Sticks and Spikes is better, with many new implements. The concept is the same, but with more fun! More levels! You can select to play Normal or Hard mode. Encounter Cannons, BlockCirclers and much much more!

We hope you enjoy Sticks and Spikes! Wink

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