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Pokemon Black Walkthrough

Post by Snail on Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:55 am

Okay, this is something I'm actually going to work on, unlike the SoulSilver walkthrough (because that was already out for ages). This walkthrough will attempt to bring popularity and more users to the site.....

Starting next post.

Part One - Introduction

Part Two - Site of Dreams Revisited

Part Three - Yagaruma Forest Inside

Part Four - The Desert

Part Five - Route 5

Part Six - Route 6

Part Seven - Route 7 Returned

Optional 1 - Let's go Surf!

Part Eight - Dragon Spiral Tower

Part Nine - The Final Routes

There, now you have an immediate list of quicklinks. Wink

Please alert me of any errors, whether they be Japanese character errors, or Wild Pokemon list errors, linking errors, or any sort of error or problem. And please post suggestions if you can!

I will begin working on post-game soon, so don't worry!

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Part One - Beginning to First Gym

Post by Snail on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:00 am

Okay, so right away when you begin the game, you are asked a question in Japanese. I highly recommend the first option (かな). However, if you are skilled in reading Japanese, then you can chose the second option (漢字). If you are an English player, just select the first option, it doesn't matter much...

Select the option, and you will be presented with a scene, like you do in every other main series Pokemon Game. Professor Araragi shows up and talks to you about the 'great world of Pokemon'. Whatever. Araragi sends out a Pokemon called Chillarmy. It's a normal type. Regardless, continue mashing the A button. After some more dialogue, Araragi asks you a question and a picture of a girl and a boy appear on the bottom screen. Choose your option. Then enter your name in. It's exactly the same as all the other Pokemon Games.

Next you get introduced to your rivals, Cheren and Bel. Cheren is the guy (yes, he is a guy...I was under the impression that he was female before) is on the left. Bel is on the right. Professor Araragi *finally* stops talking so you can start your adventure.

One new feature introduced in Pokemon Black and White are seasons. Every time you start up the game, it will say '(kanji) Summer/Spring/Winter/Fall'. Seasons affect the types of Pokemon that appear, and the season changes every month as far as I'm aware.

....You will be taken into your room with Bel and Cheren. Inside your room is a wrapped up parcel. Inside here are three Pokemon... Tsutarja (ツタージャ) the Grass starter, Pokabu (ポカブ) the Fire starter and Mijumaru (ミジュマル) the Water starter. Pick whichever you want, and immediately you'll be challenged by Bel!

Boss Fight - Bel
If you picked Tsutarja
    Lv 5 Mijumaru

If you picked Pokabu
    Lv 5 Tsutarja

If you picked Mijumaru
    Lv 5 Pokabu

Defeat her and your room suddenly becomes all messed up! Your wide-screen TV gets all tilted, all the books pushed off, etc.
Cheren heals your Pokemon and challenges you to a fight as well!

Boss Fight - Cheren
If you picked Tsutarja
    Lv 5 Pokabu

If you picked Pokabu
    Lv 5 Mijumaru

If you picked Mijumaru
    Lv 5 Tsutarja

Due to the programming in the game's AI for these first two battles, you can't lose; once your Pokemon's HP goes below half, they'll just use stat-lowering attacks instead of damaging attacks.

Go downstairs. Your mother gives you all of these essential things for your journey.

Exit the house. You'll see all these Mamepato (Normal/Flying) fly away in morning/day, or Koromori (Psychic/Flying) fly away at nighttime.

Route 1 is up in the top right, but you can't go there just yet as Cheren will stop you. So instead, go to Bel's house in the bottom left. Bel's dad will start yelling at her for some reason. Leave the house and go to Araragi's lab in the top left. Bel and Cheren are standing outside. Talk to them. You'll go inside. Araragi will let you nickname your Pokemon. She'll give you some other key item and leave. You should leave, too. Your mother is waiting outside to give you a Town Map.

When asked a question, you might just get two answers. Commonly, these will be the answers:
Yes - はい
No - いいえ

Route 1

Finally. You can go free......

...or not. More dialogue. Araragi is in the grass and encounters a wild Minezumi. I seriously DO NOT recommend this guy, he's like the new Bidoof. -_-
Araragi instantly lowers it to red health zone, and captures it (why would you capture that o_O). Araragi, Bel and Cheren all leave. NOW you can go free.

Route 1 Wild Pokemon
    Yorterii (ヨーテリー)
    Minezumi (ミネズミ)
    Tabunne (タブンネ) [rare shaking grass]

Minezumi is shitty and stays shitty when it evolves. Yorterii, on the other hand, isn't bad at all; it evolves into a Pokemon called Muurando that's a pretty reliable attacker. Tabunne is a very rare Pokemon, but it's defensive and not so useful in battle. I wouldn't recommend it yet.

Remember this for when you get Surf... see that water nearby? Surf on the water and go across to a secret part of Route 1. The pokemon there are much stronger and so are the trainers (level 30s and stuff). At the end is a Meraruba egg which evolves into a very powerful Bug/Fire pokemon called Urugamosu (at level 59, be warned). Of course, you can ignore this for now as you don't have Surf.

Bel and Cheren are waiting at the end of the route. Just say yes to Bel's question and you can go through. You should train to about...level seven, as you've got an upcoming important battle.

Continue and you'll be called by Araragi. Just go through the dialogue and proceed to Karakusa Town!

Karakusa Town (カラクサ)

Araragi is waiting for you outside the Pokemon Center. Talk to her and she'll give you a completely unnecessary but forced tour of the Pokemon Center... -_-

Anyway, heal your Pokemon, save your game if you want... and head outside. Oh, and yes, the PokeMart is inside the Pokemon Center in every city and town. I'd recommend you buy some Pokeballs and maybe two Potions. When you go outside, there are more people there... go where the two men went and you'll see a whole crowd. All of a sudden, the music changes into a sinister tone and you can see men in bulky blue suits. One of them moves back and a fat man with green hair and brown clothing steps in. He introduces himself as Dennis Geechisu (ゲーチス). Yes, this is Team Plasma! He walks around and says stuff while random comments are made. Team Plasma leaves and the crowd disperses, leaving one person remaining. He has a black hat and tea green hair. He introduces himself as N. He challenges you.

Boss Fight - N
    Lv 7 Choroneko (チョロネコ)

Choroneko is Dark type, not Normal. Just keep that in mind. Choroneko is pretty easy anyway, as when your Pokemon is level 7 it will have learned its STAB attack. N's got pretty awesome music. Anyway, when you defeat him, he just leaves and you are free to explore the town by yourself.

...There's not much to do anyway. Head to the top left to go to Route 2!

Route 2

When you enter the route and walk a few steps, you will receive a call from your mom. Blah blah blah dialogue.

...and it just happens she called you from behind you. What an idiot. You'll receive the Running Shoes.

Route 2 Wild Pokemon
    Tabunne [rare shaking grass]

You can catch a Choroneko here, but honestly, it's very hard to train it; it lacks power and gets KO'd by everything.

Go ahead in the grass. There's a potion in there.

Past the grass is your first normal battle!

There's a Youngster with a Lv 7 Minezumi. Next is a lass with a Lv 7 Choroneko. Go in the grass to the right of her, then up. There's yet another Youngster with a Lv 7 Yorterii. Head into the clearing to the top-left. As you walk through, Bel arrives and challenges you!

Boss Fight - Bel
    Lv 6 Yorterii

If you picked Tsutarja
    Lv 7 Mijumaru

If you picked Pokabu
    Lv 7 Tsutarja

If you picked Mijumaru
    Lv 7 Pokabu

You'll get some great EXP battling her and the other trainers. Anyway, advance through to Sanyou City!

Sanyou City (サンョウ)

New in Black and White
Sometimes, when an event is triggered, you'll get a different camera view. In Sanyou City, if you enter the buildings, you'll get some strange diagonal camera view for a few moments.

Head up to the Pokemon Center. Take note: next to the Pokemon Center is... a gym! However, the gym caretaker is standing in front of the entrance, you have to do some...stuff first.

If you head to the top right, you'll come to a forest-like place...

Site of Dreams

Okay, so this is a dead-end since you need Cut (and even then it will be a dead end). However, there is one very helpful thing in here (it will help a lot in your gym battle): go all the way to the right and talk to the girl there to receive a Pokemon.

    If you picked Tsutarja, you will get Hiyappu (ヒヤップ). Hiyappu is Water-type and evolves with a Water Stone.
    If you picked Pokabu, you will get Yanappu (ヤナップ). Yanappu is Grass-type and evolves with a Leaf Stone.
    If you picked Mijumaru, you will get Baoppu (バオップ). Baoppu is Fire-type and evolves with a Fire Stone.

But before that, you'll be challenged by some trainers.
There's a lass with two Lv 8 Choroneko. Next is a Youngster with two Lv 7 Minezumi and a Lv 7 Yorterii.

Heal your Pokemon and head to the Pokemon School. It's directly left of the Pokemon Center.

Talk to the little boy with brown hair. He'll ask you a yes/no question. Say yes. He'll ask you another. Choose the first option. He'll ask you another question. Choose the bottom option. He'll give you a Full Heal!

Go up to the blackboard. You'll see Cheren looking at the board. Talk to him and he'll challenge you to a battle.

Boss Battle - Cheren
If you picked Tsutarja
    Lv 8 Pokabu

If you picked Pokabu
    Lv 8 Mijumaru

If you picked Mijumaru
    Lv 8 Tsutarja

Independent of starter
    Lv 8 Choroneko

This battle will be a bit harder, as Cheren has the type advantage over your starter, and Cheren's starter now knows its STAB move. Still, the monkey Pokemon in Site of Dreams should be able to take it out. Cheren will give you an Oran Berry once you win. You can go to the gym if you want - the caretaker's gone back inside and the gym leader is out now! Talk to him and he will let you in. You might want to train your Pokemon up a bit first.

New in Black and White
Black and White have some changes in music that other games do not. Whenever your active Pokemon is in red health zone, instead of getting that annoying beeper sound, you get a new tune.... with a beeper in the background.

Sanyou City Gym

When you enter the gym, the caretaker will stop you. He'll tell you some info to get through the gym, then give you a Fresh Water. Fresh Water restores your health by 50 points; it will be very useful a bit later. Right now Potions are more available and easier.

Go forward. You'll see a red curtain with a fire symbol on it. Go step on the blue water button. It will open. A trainer challenges you with a Lv 11 Yorterii. Next is a water curtain, so step on the grass symbol. Another trainer awaits you with a Lv 10 Minezumi and a Lv 10 Choroneko. There's a grass curtain, so step on the fire button. Go back and heal your Pokemon; this was an easy gym 'puzzle' anyway.

Go up the stairs there. You'll see the guy you saw before standing up there. Then from behind him, two other men step out. There are...three gym leaders? Of course, only one of them battles you, dependant on your starter Pokemon.

Snail's current team
    Lv 13 Mijumaru
    Lv 11 Baoppu

Save your progress...
Okay, now let's challenge the leader!

Sanyou Gym Leader Battle
Dent (デント)/Pod (ポッド)/Corn (コーン)
    Lv 12 Yorterii

Dent (Green hair)
    Lv 14 Yanappu

Pod (Red hair)
    Lv 14 Baoppu

Corn (Blue hair)
    Lv 14 Hiyappu

You'll notice that the music changes when the Gym Leader has sent out his last Pokemon. For this battle, I'd recommend using your starter against the Yorterii and the monkey against his monkey.

The gym leader will give you TM83, Cheer Up (ふるい たてる). It's a very useful move that raises both Attack and Special Attack stats.

After you beat him, the Gym Leader will give you the Tri Badge! Congratulations!

New in Black and White
This is a very important change - TMs no longer run disappear after one use!

If you use the TM, it will display Japanese text as to whether it can learn it or not.

Can learn - おぼえられる!
Cannot learn - おぼえわれない

...And that's your first Gym Badge!

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Part two - Site of Dreams Revisited to Basic Badge

Post by Snail on Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:51 am

Leave the gym. A woman called Makomo (マコモ) will bring you into her house. Makomo will give you HM01 Cut! Now...where did we see a cut tree...? The Site of Dreams! Makomo makes you go there and cut the tree down so you can collect the Dream Smoke. Heal your Pokemon.

Site of Dreams
Teach one of your Pokemon Cut. Go to the tree, slash it down, go forward when... Bel stops you! She'll go past the cut tree. You go forward too, when you hear a strange noise. A Pokemon cry. Go into the clearing, and there's a strange pink Pokemon. A Munna. It's a Psychic-type. The Munna steps back and you and Bel go forward. Suddenly, Team Plasma comes out! Team Plasma starts slamming their body into the Munna for no apparent reason. A Team Plasma Grunt challenges you!

The team Plasma Grunt has a Lv 10 Minezumi. The next Team Plasma grunt challenges you with a Lv 10 Choroneko. After you kick their asses, the same stupid Plasma grunt starts slamming his body into the Munna again when a spark of light flashes...

It's Geechisu! For whatever reason, another Geechisu with different clothing appears on the other side. They come back into one entity and start talking... Geechisu and Team Plasma then disappear and a Musharna, the evolved form of Munna, comes out. The Musharna and Munna leave, and there's an item. Makomo tells you that it's a Dream Smoke.

Site of Dreams wild Pokemon
    Tabunne [rare, shaking grass]

There's a few items, but otherwise it's a dead end. Leave the Site of Dreams, heal your Pokemon and go to Makomo's house. Give her the Dream Smoke. She gives you the C-Gear and you can now start using Wi-Fi. I won't cover anything Wi-Fi related as it's not part of the story.

Exit the house and go to Route 3!

Route 3

Go left. There are some twins who will double battle with you. They have two Lv 10 Choroneko. If you go up the stairs, you can find the daycare. Go to the left of the daycare for some more battles.

There's a woman with a Lv 10 Yorterii and a Lv 10 Munna. There's a little girl with a Lv 10 Baoppu. The little boy next to her has a Lv 10 Hiyappu. The little boy near the slide has a Lv 10 Yanappu.

If your Pokemon get tired from battles, go to the daycare and put your Pokemon in the PC. When you take them out, they'll be fully restored.

Go off to the left of the twins. You'll come across an intersection when Cheren appears from behind you! As usual, he's expecting a battle.

Boss Battle - Cheren
If you picked Tsutarja
    Lv 14 Pokabu

If you picked Pokabu
    Lv 14 Mijumaru

If you picked Mijumaru
    Lv 14 Tsutarja

Independent of starter
    Lv 12 Choroneko

Your monkey should be able to take out the starter, and your starter can take out Choroneko... he's not too difficult. When you beat him, two rushing Plasma Grunts push you and Cheren aside and they run for the stairs. Bel and some little girl named 'Onnano' or something arrive, and Cheren chases after the Team Plasma Grunts. Head for the stairs.

You'll arrive at a cave opening with Cheren standing outside. When Cheren asks you a question, just say yes. Enter the cave...

Underground Waterway Opening

The Team Plasma grunts are there! The grunt you have to battle has a Lv 12 Minezumi. Suddenly two more grunts appear. You and Cheren take them on in a double battle, with Cheren sending out his starter Pokemon. The grunts both send out Lv 12 Minezumi. Defeat them and they'll leave. Cheren will leave too and you are free to explore.

Underground Waterway Opening Wild Pokemon
    Mogurew [rare, swirling dust only]

Dangoro can evolve into a powerful Pokemon called Gigaiasu, but it must be traded to do so. Koromori is a Psychic/Flying type that can sometimes be useful...but in this cave it just happens to be really annoying to run away from. Like, seriously. Mogurew is a good Pokemon to use as it evolves into a very powerful Doryuuzu. It's rare, however.

Go to the left, up the stairs and over to the item ball. It's TM46, Thief. Not very powerful, but stealing items is just that awesome.

Exit the Underground Waterway Opening. Go back to where Bel and the other girl were waiting and you will receive a Heal Ball. Go down that path.

There's a boy with a Lv 13 Shimama. Shimama is an electric-type Zebra pokemon. A decent choice if you need an electric type. When you go down further, you run into Cheren again. He says some stuff and goes away. Further down is a girl with Koromori Lv 13. Across the bridge is a girl with Lv 12 Minezumi and a Lv 12 Choroneko. Further on is another boy with a Lv 12 Mamepato (it's Normal/Flying type). Finally, go into the building and...

Shippou City (シッポウ)

Cheren's there, and he takes you to the Pokemon Center. I don't understand why he needs to... Anyway, heal your Pokemon, maybe restock on items like Pokeballs, etc.

Go to the house past the one directly left of the Pokemon Center. Inside you'll see a lady with blue hair. She'll ask you a question and give you an item depending on the answer.

    ツタージャ - Tsutarja (You will obtain Miracle Seed)
    ミジュマル - Mijumaru (You will obtain Mystic Water)
    ポカブ - Pokabu (You will obtain Charcoal)
    やねる - Cancel (Ask later)

To the top-right of the Pokemon Center is the gym. When you approach it, you bump into N. He asks you some question, the answer isn't important. He'll battle you.

Boss Battle - N
    Lv 13 Mamepato
    Lv 13 Otamaro
    Lv 13 Dokkora

Mamepato is that Normal/Flying bird Pokemon. Otamaro is a Water type pokemon. Dokkora is particularly dangerous, it's a Fighting type. After you beat him, he leaves and for whatever reason, he mentions 'ゼクロム' or 'レシラム'. Yes, he says something about wanting Zekrom/Reshiram.

Now, you have access to the gym, but it may be a little difficult. I highly recommend going to the top-left to Yagaruma Forest Outside. Talk to the first person there and they will give you TM94, Rock Smash. It should be useful for the gym. Time for some extra training...

Now, if you go down that path, you'll come across a lady near a gate. She has a Lv 15 Munna. After you beat her, she'll heal your Pokemon so you don't have to keep going to the Pokemon Center.

Yagaruma Forest Outside Wild Pokemon
    Nageki [Rare in White; Shaking grass only in Black]
    Dageki [Rare in Black; Shaking grass only in White]
    Tabunne [Shaking Grass only]

Mamepato is that Normal/Flying bird you've seen before. It's not very useful. Dokkora is useful if you have access to trades. Otamaro is a Water-type that evolves into Gamageroge, a Water/Ground type. Nageki and Dageki are very useful for Shippou's gym, but they are rare and difficult to capture. Dokkora can also be useful; they are all fighting-types.

If you try go into the forest, there'll be Team Plasma members blocking your way. You can't battle them. You'll have to come back after the gym battle.

Near the bottom-right of the woman that heals your Pokemon, there are some little kids. One of them has a Lv 13 Monmen and a Lv 13 Churine. They are both Grass-types. The next little kid has a Lv 14 Dangoro. Further down is a youngster with three Lv 13 Otamaro. To the right is another youngster with a Lv 14 Fushide (it's a bug-type) and a Lv 14 Yorterii. Go up the stairs and you'll see a Black Belt with a Lv 16 Dokkora. There's a girl up there with a Lv 16 Dokkora as well. There's not much else here, so you can go to the gym now.

Shippou City Gym

Now when you enter the gym, all you get is... a museum. This scientist guy tours you around, showing you a Dragonite fossil, some white pebble thing (take note of this pebble thing for late game), then he will show you a door. Go through the door and into the gym!

The gym caretaker will give you a Fresh Water. He'll tell you some stuff. Go forward and battle the trainer! He has a Lv 17 Minezumi. Now, this may be a bit of a confusing gym when all of the questions you get asked are in Japanese. Just follow this set of instructions:

    Go and talk to the girl in the middle right
    At the bottom-left shelf, go on the chair near the blue shelf. Answer yes to the question.
    Go to the middle-left shelf (green side). There's another question there, answer yes to it.
    Go talk to the scientist or whatever on the top-left bookshelf. She'll battle you with a Lv 17 Haaderia (evolution of Yorterii)
    The woman will step off her bookshelf. There's another question. Answer yes to it.
    Go to the bottom-right shelf on the green side. Answer yes to the question.
    Go up to the girl on the middle-right shelf. She'll ask you a question; answer yes. She'll battle you with three Lv 15 Yorterii.
    She'll move off the shelf. Go up to it and answer yes to the question and...
    The bookshelf moves out of the way, revealing a staircase. Go down...

Alternatively, you can exit and heal your Pokemon. The upcoming battle may be difficult, but if you got Dokkora, Nageki or Dageki, it won't be that difficult. You might want to restock on items like Potions too. Don't buy too many, because not long later you can save a lot of money on healing items...

Snail's current team
    Lv 15 Mogurew
    Lv 17 Dageki
    Lv 17 Futachimaru

When you go down to the lower floor, you'll see one woman. The gym leader. Talk to her and initiate the battle!

Shippou Gym Leader Battle [Normal] - Aloe
    Lv 18 Harderrier
    Lv 20 Miruhog

Beware: Harderrier knows Take Down, which can inflict massive damage on your Pokemon. Miruhog (the evolution of Minezumi) also knows Hypnosis (WTF), so don't let that catch you off-guard. When you beat her, Aloe gives you.. the Basic Badge! She'll give you TM67, Vengeance or something. It increases power when one of your Pokemon faints. Suddenly, a scientist/researcher comes up, and he says that Team Plasma is here! There's something they want in the museum... could it possibly be that little stone the researcher showed you?

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Part three - Yagaruma Forest to Beetle Badge

Post by Snail on Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:32 am

When you step outside the gym and return to the museum, you'll see Aloe and the researcher talking. Team Plasma is talking, when they suddenly activate some smoke bomb thing. They take parts of a bone/fossil thing and disappear! Exit the museum. Outside Aloe is talking to a man named Arty. Bel and Cheren appear from behind you. Aloe and Arty go off somewhere to look for the bone parts, while Bel and Cheren go into the museum. Time to go off to Yagaruma Forest, to the top-left!

You'll see Arty outside the forest. He'll say some stuff and go into the forest. Follow him in. Arty goes north searching for Team Plasma. You should go left.

There are some twins standing near the gate. They both have Lv 16 Kurumiru, a Bug/Grass-type Pokemon. Continue down and you'll find a Team Plasma Grunt with a Lv 16 Meguroko. Meguroko is a crocodile, Ground/Dark type. Oh, and it has intimidate, so physical attacks are less powerful against it. Left, there's a Plasma Grunt with a Lv 16 Choroneko. To the left is a Pokemon Ranger with a Lv 18 Harderrier. You'll get a Chesto Berry after beating her.

If your Pokemon get tired, just remember that you don't have to go all the way to the Pokemon Center in Shippou; you can just go to the outside of Yagaruma Forest and talk to the lady near the gate. She'll heal your Pokemon if you've defeated her.

Go to the left of the Pokemon Ranger and there's a youngster with a Lv 16 Fushide (Bug/Poison) and a Lv 16 Dokkora.

Yagaruma Forest Inside - Wild Pokemon
    Churine [White only]
    Monmen [Black only]
    Tabunne [Shaking grass only]
    Yanappu [Shaking grass only]
    Baoppu [Shaking grass only]
    Hiyappu [Shaking grass only]
    Doredia [White only; Shaking grass only; Very rare]
    Erufuun [Black only; Shaking grass only; Very rare]

So um yeah...if you find a Doredia or Erufuun, it's very rare. They're the evolved form of Churine and Monmen. Erufuun is good once you start getting into competitive battling, but not now as you're playing in-game. Churine and Doredia are great to use with high Special Attack and decent speed. They also learn the awesome move Butterfly Dance which raises Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed by one stage, all at once! Kurimiru is kind of hard to raise and has bad typing. Fushide is decent once you get it to its final form. The elemental monkeys... well personally I think Hiyappu is the best because it has utility as well.

Continue north from the Youngster. You'll see all these hollowed out tree logs. As you approach one of the logs, a Pokemon Ranger jumps you! He uses a Lv 18 Yanappu and gives you a Chesto Berry after your win. Go through the log, further north until you reach some grass. Go left to the next corner when another Pokemon ranger will jump you! She has a Lv 18 Hiyappu and you will get a Pecha Berry when you win. Head down and right, then through the log to the higher platform. There's a Team Plasma Grunt waiting for you! He has a Lv 16 Minezumi. Beat him and go through the log north of him. Follow the path right, and you were probably expecting it - you'll get jumped by another Pokemon Ranger. He owns a Lv 18 Baoppu and you will obtain a Pecha Berry after your win. Now, you can go up through the hollow log (to the exit) or down south for some items. I'll cover the area down first.

Head down past the Baoppu ranger. You'll see some steps and grass, and an item ball. Head down the next set of steps near a small lake. Walk around the north perimeter of the lake and go to the steps. Retrieve the item - TM86 Grass Knot!

You can return to Yagaruma Forest after you get Surf - there's some particularly interesting, one-time things you can do here. But I'm not covering it yet.

Go back through that hollow log. There'll be a Team Plasma Grunt just waiting for you in a field of flowers. He has two Lv 14 Minezumi and one Lv 14 Meguroko (with Intimidate). Beat him and he'll give you the Dragon Bones, the stuff he stole from the Museum! He steps back and a man named Asura - a Team Plasma Sage! - starts talking to the Plasma Grunt. He begins talking to you, probably threatening you or something. However, Aloe and Arty arrive and scare him off. Aloe takes the Dragon Bones and gives you a Moon Stone! I don't think you can use it yet, so just save it for later. Head to the right, pick up the Miracle Seed (increases power of Grass attacks) and jump off the ledge. Slightly south, near the fence is a girl with a Lv 16 Mamepato and a Lv 16 Choroneko. Further south, near the bridges, you might notice a break in the fence. There's a man blocking your way; come back later (after a few more gym badges) and he will let you pass. South of the bridges is a lass with three Lv 15 Koromori. There's a school boy with a Lv 17 Munna.


Wondering what was inside the break in the fence? Well, once you have Surf, that man is gone. You can go through the grass and surf across some water, under the bridges into a place where you can capture the legendary Pokemon, Birijion (ビリジオン), a Grass/Fighting type. This can only be done after an event is activated in Fukiyose Grotto and the legendary Pokemon, Kobaruon (コバルオン), a Steel/Fighting type, is captured. By extension, this event also triggers the legendary Pokemon Terakion (テラキオン), a Rock/Fighting type to be available for capture in Victory Road.

...Of course, you're probably still up to Yagaruma Forest, so never mind until then...

Now that you've beaten the trainers, go through the exit of Yagaruma Forest. You'll get this intersection with a strange camera angle, then go into the building. The hiker inside the building gives you a Quick Claw. A Quick Claw gives priority to any Pokemon if it activates. Anyway, go through the other side of the building and...........

Sky Arrow Bridge!

Okay, so this is a MASSIVE bridge, full of strange camera angles and that kind of stuff. Just keep running on the bridge and eventually you'll arrive at Hiun City!

Hiun City

This city is so confusing. So I guess I'll have to lead you through this too. (Seriously, it's massive, full of strange camera angles, etc.)

Now, if you collected your monkey and are using it (I ditched it though, I found Baoppu to be pretty useless), you can go to the area just south of the entrance to Hiun. It's a pier, and there's a scientist there. He'll ask you a question, and you receive an item dependant on your response.

    ヤナップ - Yanappu (You will receive a Leaf Stone which evolves Yanappu into Yanakki ヤナッキ)
    バオップ - Baoppu (You will receive a Fire Stone which evolves Baoppu into Baokki バオッキ)
    ヒヤップ - Hiyappu (You will receive a Water Stone which evolves Hiyappu into Hiyakki ヒヤッキ)
    Cancel (Ask later)

However, I recommend you wait until Level 22 to evolve your monkey, as that is when they learn a much stronger and more useful elemental move. If you evolve it immediately, you'll have to wait to get to another few more cities to get a Move Relearner.

I will cover Hiun City by the main area first, then the alleyways, then the inner area.

So, left from the Pokemon Center, you'll see another pier with nothing of use there. Great. You'll see a massive orange/brown building. Enter it, it's the Battle Company!

Enter the elevator.

Battle Company 47F

Well firstly, there's a lady, an 'OL' with a Lv 19 Harderrier (with Intimidate). To her right is a man who gives you three Quick Balls and three Timer Balls. To her left is some businesswoman with a Lv 19 Dokkora. To the bottom-left of this woman is another OL with a Lv 18 Churine and a Lv 18 Monmen. Further down is a Revive, which will definitely come in handy. To the right of that OL, there's a Scientist with a Lv 19 Dangoro. To his right is another Businesswoman three Lv 17 Basurao (Water-type, they give a shitload of EXP). To her right is a Scientist who gives you the valuable Scope Lens, which increases the rate of critical hits.

Go back into the elevator and up to 55F.

Battle Company 55F

So right away you should see that Item ball. It contains a Hyper Potion! Of course, you should save that for much later - it's the kind of thing you use in the Elite Four... Anyway, head to your left. There's a Businessman with a Lv 20 Koromori. Down lower is a scientist or something a Lv 20 Munna. She'll use an X Special right away, which will boost Munna's special attack. To this woman's right is a scientist with a Lv 20 Kurumiru. He'll start off the battle with Dire Hit, boosting the Critical Hit ratio. Past him is a Businessman with a different sprite. He has a Lv 19 Baoppu, a Lv 19 Hiyappu and a Lv 19 Yanappu. Past him is one last man, the boss (which is, for whatever reason, a cleaner...). He has a Lv 20 Yabukuron (A Poison-type trash bag thingy) and a Lv 20 Chillarmy. Chillarmy is that Normal-type Pokemon that Professor Araragi had. After you beat him, you'll gain a big 8000 Pokedollars and the EXP Share! EXP Share allows you to share some of the EXP Points gained in battle without the holder actually required to battle.

Well, that's all there is in the Battle Company.

To the left of the Battle Company, there's another pier. You'll see a dancer there near the bottom of the pier in green, but he won't do anything yet. Further left is a survey place, where you can answer all these questions. The response doesn't matter, after all of it you'll receive a Soda Pop. It takes like, fifteen minutes though so I wouldn't bother. Finally, there's another pier with nothing important yet. Okay, now let's explore the alleyways.

Far left alleyway
The far left alleyway has a few important things. On the right - it's the gym! Cheren walks out of it. Arty then runs out of the gym and chases after Cheren. You obviously can't go through it yet because Arty is the gym leader, and he just chased after Cheren. There's a few other buildings, but nothing important.

Second alley from left
The alley between Survey building and Battle Company. As you run through, some guy inside a trash dumpster will yell. He'll appear and give you TM70. Whatever... There's another dancer there, but he won't do anything yet either. Go inside this building on the right and talk to the guy at the counter. He'll give you a Lemonade, which restores health by 80 points!

Third alley from left
The alley between Battle company and the Pokemon Center. There are some people running about. On the left is a stall for Hiun Ice, but i'm not entirely sure what happens there. It's not necessary to proceed, anyway.

Far right alley
Well, there's this giant building on the right, but there's nothing important there. To the left, just below the big building on the left is a vending machine. Now, I highly recommend you buy healing items from here.
    Fresh Water - Heals 50 HP
    Soda Pop - Heals 60 HP
    Lemonade - Heals 80 HP

All of these are much cheaper than stuff like Super Potions.

Inner section of Hiun City
Near the fountain, there's a dancer. He'll ask you if you want to battle. He owns a Lv 21 Yanappu. After you defeat him, he'll dance a bit. He'll ask you a question; if you say yes he'll dance for a short while longer.

Search for the dancers!
So, you already found one... now, go into the second alley from the left. There's another dancer there. Say yes to him if you want to battle. He has a Lv 21 Hiyappu. He'll disappear when you defeat him. Now, go to the pier that's just outside the alleyway. There's one more dancer who'll battle you with a Lv 21 Baoppu. He'll disappear as well. Now, go back to Inner Hiun, at the fountain. All three dancers will be there. They'll give you the Amulet Coin! The Amulet Coin doubles the money you receive in battle. Do note that the Amulet Coin prizes do not stack with the Luck Incense prize money. If you talk to the dancers, they'll start...well, dancing.

Prime Pier
Go to the third pier from the left. You'll see Arty, Bel and Iris (the final gym leader in Pokemon White. The final gym leader in Pokemon Black is Shaga, her grandfather) talking. Everyone will say some stuff when the music suddenly changes and some Team Plasma Grunts walk in! Arty will immediately go after them. Bel and Iris will stay there.

Go to the far left alleyway (where Arty's gym is). In a building on the left side, you'll see some Plasma Grunts standing there. Arty will battle two of them while you battle one Plasma Grunt. The grunt has two lv 17 Meguroko. After you beat them, the Plasma Grunts will run inside and Bel and Iris will arrive. Arty, Bel and Iris will all run into the building. Go in, too.

Inside, you'll see Geechisu, and two other sages, one of which is named Sumura (スムラ). After some more dialogue, one of the Plasma Grunts pulls a Munna out of nowhere and throws it at Bel. Afterwards, Team Plasma goes away. Iris gives you a Yache Berry, which reduces the power of super-effective Ice-type attacks once. Bel and Iris leave the building, and Arty goes to his gym. Finally! Just make sure you pick up that Smoke Ball that Geechisu left behind.
However, there is one more area that I will cover first, as exploring it will give you access to more Pokemon. One of these said Pokemon has the ability to single-handedly sweep the entire gym, so keep that in mind...

Head off to Inner Hiun and go straight up, past the fountain. Go up through the alleyway, and on to the desert Route 4!

Route 4

Now, straight down the path is Cheren, but he won't battle you yet. Yet. You can't go further down the path, as there is a worker who will block your path. Instead, go back near the hiker, behind Cheren. The Hiker won't battle you. As you can see, there is a break in the fence, allowing you to go into some deep sand. In that deep sand are...wild Pokemon.

Route 4 Wild Pokemon

Now, let's have a look... you don't see your normal pack of Mamepato, Choroneko and Yorterii, do you? Instead you see Pokemon that you've never had a chance to play around with.
Zuruggu is a Dark/Fighting type. It's slow, but has good defenses. Meguroko is a useful Ground/Dark type. It evolves into Warubiaru, and gets lots of powerful attacks. However, the best (in my opinion) is Darumakka; he is the pre-evolution of Hihidaruma. Darumakka is that Fire-type puffball thingy (okay, I don't know what it is, but it's red. Got it?). It has a high attack stat, it gets the ability Hustle to boost its attack power further, but the best bit about it is the moveset. It gets tons of great moves early on - Fire Fang when you catch it, Fire Punch when you level it up a few more times, and not long later the improved 120 power Thrash and Flare Blitz! In my previous playthrough of Pokemon White, Darumakka single-handedly destroyed Arty's gym - he's capable of a lot.

I won't cover the trainers on this route yet though.

Hiun City Gym

So, just talk to the gym caretaker and receive your Fresh Water as usual. Okay, so this gym puzzle isn't too hard.

    Run at the orange wall of honey in front of you.
    When you break through, hit the switch in front of you to lower a door.
    Head to the right of the switch
    Battle the clown. He has a Level 20 Kurimuri and a Level 20 Fushide. Try not to let Fushide's Poison point poison your Pokemon.
    Hit the switch to the right and unlock the door
    There's a switch directly in front of you, but if you hit it, a clown will spawn and battle you with his Lv 20 Kurimuri and Lv 20 Ishizumai. Ishizumai is a Bug/Rock Pokemon.
    Hit the two switches to your left and right
    Hit the switch past the one on the left
    Walk through the honey you just unlocked behind the spawning clown
    Hit the switch there
    Near the switch all the way to the left, there's a wall of unlocked honey. Walk through it
    If you hit the switch there, a clown will spawn with a Lv 21 Kurimuri
    Go through the honey past the spawn switch
    Hit that switch and unlock some more honey
    Go back, past the honey wall you just entered and past the one after it. Enter the one you just unlocked.
    Inside is a clown. He has a Lv 20 Fushide and Lv 20 Kurimuri
    Activate the switch and unlock the final door
    Go up to Arty and battle him!

You can go heal your Pokemon before you battle Arty.

Snail's current team
    Lv 22 Mogurew
    Lv 22 Futachimaru
    Lv 23 Dageki

...as you can see, I'll have a bit of a problem facing the Bug-types as Mogurew's ground-type attacks and Dageki's Fighting-attacks are resisted. But never mind me. If you chose to capture Darumakka, this will be very easy.

Hiun City Gym Battle [Bug] - Arty
    Lv 22 Hoyga
    Lv 22 Ishizumai
    Lv 24 Hahakomori

Hoyga is the evolution of Fushide, and as such it is a Bug/Poison type. Ishizumai is a Bug/Rock type Pokemon, with weaknesses to Rock, Steel and Water. Preferably hit it on its very low special defense stat. Hahakomori is the final (third stage) form of Kurimuri. It is a Bug/Grass type with a good attack stat. Thankfully, Hahakomori has not yet learned its best STAB attacks, X-Scissor and Leaf Blade, so don't worry about them.

When you beat him, Arty will give you the Beetle Badge and TM76 (むし の ていこう) Bug Resistance. Bug Resistance is a weak, 30 power Bug-type attack but it always lowers the opponent's Special Attack stat. I am disappointed that he didn't even give us TM81 X-Scissor. Oh well.

When you exit the gym, Bel will call you and tell you to go to Route 4 for a battle.

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How about no.
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Part four - Route 4 to Volt Badge

Post by Snail on Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:10 am

Now that you know where to go, heal your Pokemon up and head off to Route 4! It's north of the fountain in Inner Hiun.

In the middle of the corridor, Bel walks in from behind you and demands a battle!

Boss Fight - Bel
    Lv 18 Harderrier
    Lv 18 Munna

If you picked Tsutarja...
    Lv 18 Baoppu
    Lv 20 Futachimaru

If you picked Pokabu...
    Lv 18 Hiyappu
    Lv 20 Janobii

If you picked Mijumaru...
    Lv 18 Yanappu
    Lv 20 Chaobuu

She's got an extra Pokemon, the Munna that the Team Plasma Grunt threw at her. The Harderrier has Intimidate. The battle shouldn't be too difficult, so don't worry. When you beat her, she'll leave and you can go onto Route 4.

But...just as you walk on the path up Route 4, Cheren is there! He just can't wait to battle!

Boss Battle - Cheren
    Lv 20 Mamepato
    Lv 20 Reparudasu

If you picked Tsutaaja...
    Lv 20 Yanappu
    Lv 22 Chaobuu

If you picked Pokabu...
    Lv 20 Baoppu
    Lv 22 Futachimaru

If you picked Mijumaru...
    Lv 20 Hiyappu
    Lv 22 Janobii

He's tougher than Bel, as his Pokemon are all two levels higher. Not only that, his starter also has the type advantage over yours, and his Choroneko has evolved.

After you beat him, you wil receive a call from Araragi, directed to you and Cheren. She tells you something about Bel and Raimon City (the next city, which is where you should be headed). Cheren goes off to Raimon City, and you should too. But now, since the worker is letting you pass, you can actually go around and explore this giant desert!

So, the first trainer is a backpacker. He has a Lv 19 Darumakka. Very powerful, but it'll succumb to just about anything. To his left is another backpacker with a Lv 19 Monmen. North is another backpacker with a Lv 18 Churine. There's a Super Potion north, and another Backpacker with a Lv 19 Shimama. Shimama is an electric-type, keep that in mind. You'll go under this big bridge with massive trucks crossing it. Past that bridge is a backpacker. He has a Lv 19 Mamepato. Up ahead is the gate to Raimon City. You're free to go through, but there's so much more to explore in this desert! So I'll just cover the rest of the desert area.

To the left of the backpacker are some workers. There's one with a Lv 18 Dangoro and a Lv 18 Dokkora. After him is one with a Lv 19 Dokkora. To the left of him is a worker's house. Inside the man at the desk will give you TM28, Dig. It's a great Ground-type attack that does good damage. Now that you've got that, go under the bridge and enter... the Resort Desert! (yeah, that's a resort? -_-)

Resort Desert

Okay, so in here you can get a few new, cool Pokemon.

Resort Desert Outside Wild Pokemon
    Zuruggu (ズルッグ)
    Darumakka (ダルマッカ)
    Meguroko (メグロコ)

Resort Desert Wild Pokemon
    Meguroko (メグロコ)
    Darumakka (ダルマッカ)
    Shinboraa (シンボラー)
    Ishizumai (イシズマイ)
    Marakacchi (マラカッチ)

You've already seen Meguroko and Darumakka. Shinboraa is a rare, powerful Psychic/Flying type Pokemon. Ishizumai is the Bug/Rock type Pokemon you saw Arty use. Marakacchi is a rare somewhat powerful Grass-type Pokemon.

Just inside the Resort Desert is a Doctor who uses a Yuniran (ユニラン). Yuniran is a psychic-type, and it evolves into Daburan, then Rankurusu. After you beat him, the doctor will heal your Pokemon. There's a backpacker with a Lv 23 Hatoubou (the evolution of Mamepato). Up is a backpacker with a Lv 23 Miruhog. To her left are Blackglasses, which increase the power of Dark-type moves. North of that is a man in black, he'll give you Soft Sand to boost the power of Ground-type attacks. To the left is a psychic, she has a Lv 24 Gochimu, which is a psychic-type you probably haven't seen yet. To the north-west is a backpacker with a Lv 23 Marakacchi. There's a Super Potion next to her. In the far left, there's a little corner where you can battle a Pokemon Ranger. He has a Lv 23 Darumakka and a Lv 23 Shimama. After you win, you'll get a Rawst Berry from him. There's another Pokemon Ranger who has a Level 24 Koaruhii, a Water/Flying type. Electric-type moves will do massive damage to it. You'll get another Rawst berry. Further down in the bottom-left corner, you'll find TM39 - Rock Tomb. Outside it, separated by the rock is a Fire Stone. Near the Fire Stone, you'll see another Psychic with a Lv 23 Yuniran and a Lv 23 Koromori. Somewhere near the middle is a backpacker with a Lv 23 Ishizumai.
...Sorry, the desert walkthrough is a little hard to understand; it's so blank and massive.

Now, you may have seen some strange blue statues and a little hole in the ground, or you may have seen that tower. The blue statues are Hihidaruma in Daruma mode. You can't battle them yet; you'll have to wait till after the Elite Four. Anyway, go in the entrance near the blue statues.

Ancient Castle

Ancient Castle Wild Pokemon
    Meguroko (メグロコ)
    Desumasu (デスマス)
    Warubiru (ワルビル)
    Desukaan (デスカーン)

Waribiru and Desukaan are the evolutions of Meguroko and Desumasu, but they only appear on the currently inaccessible basement floors. Desumasu is a Ghost-type Pokemon, it's stats are based towards defense.

You'll see some trainers. The first one is a psychic with a Lv 24 Shinboraa (Psychic/Flying, it's quite powerful and can take a lot of hits, so watch out). There's another psychic with a Lv 23 Koromori and a Lv 23 Munna. Now, you'll see these sinkholes all over the place. To get past them, walk around the edges. If you run, you'll fall in.

If you try to go past the worker, he won't let you. There's a backpacker near the worker, saying she found some fossils.

    ふたのカセキ - Shell Fossil [Revives into Purotooga, a Water/Rock type turtle Pokemon]
    はねのカセキ - Wing Fossil [Revives into Aaken, a Rock/Flying type bird Pokemon]
    やめる - Cancel [Ask later]

To revive the fossil, talk to the men at the counter in the Shippou City museum.

There's not much else you can do here, except... go down the sinkhole. Go down! There's a Revive waiting for you. Then just go up the stairs, jump off the ledge and exit Ancient Castle. Now that you've explored the Ancient Castle, you're pretty much done with the Resort Desert for now. There'll be more waiting for you once you get seven badges. So.... head back to the gate and go to Raimon City!

When you walk in the Raimon City gate, you'll see Araragi and Cheren talking. Araragi gives you and Cheren 10 Ultra Balls, then they set off to look for Bel because she can't find her way out of the desert. Anyway, that leaves you free to go to Raimon City!

Raimon City
Thankfully, this is smaller than Hiun City... anyway, immediately when you enter, you'll see two Team Plasma Grunts threatening an old man! The old man sees you and needs your help, so you have to battle one of the Plasma Grunts (the other one doesn't fight you). The grunt has a Lv 18 Miruhog and a Lv 18 Yabukuron (that Poison-type trash bag thing, remember? It's not the first time you've seen it). Beat him and the two Plasma Grunts will run away. The old man gives you a bicycle! Now you can travel around much faster! After he leaves, Bel appears and says stuff about the Pokemon Musical in this city. It's like Pokemon Contests and Super Contests, and we all know just how bad those were. I don't know if Pokemon Musical is any good, I'm really not inclined to try it.

Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, as usual. But if you're stocking up on items, remember that the guy at the bottom sells you TMs in this town. Here's what's on offer:

    TM21 Frustration (やつあたい) - 10000
    TM27 Return (おんがえし) - 10000
    TM73 Thunder Wave (でんじは) - 10000
    TM74 Gyro Ball (ジャイロ ボール) - 10000
    TM16 Light Screen (ひかいのはべ) - 30000
    TM20 Safeguard (しんびのまもい) - 30000
    TM33 Reflect (リフレクター) - 30000

Okay, so you might want to go over to the right now, near that big arch. You'll see... N! He brings you over to this ferris wheel thing. You go in with him. N begins saying stuff about Team Plasma. After the ride ends, some Team Plasma members show up and N battles you! You'll notice that he has a new Plasma-VS entry.

Boss Battle - N
    Lv 22 Meguroko (メグロコ)
    Lv 22 Darumakka (ダルマッカ)
    Lv 22 Zuruggu (ズルッグ)
    Lv 22 Shinboraa (シンボラー)

This time around, N has all Pokemon from the desert. His Shinboraa is pretty powerful, so be warned. Otherwise, he's not that difficult. After you beat him, N comes up close to you and you get a close-up view of him while he says something about becoming champion. Will that ever happen if he keeps losing to you like that?

Now you might want to go up to the north. You'll see some big bright buildings, go to the right and you'll see the Pokemon Musical building. Bel's waiting outside. She'll take you inside and this man will let you dress up your Pokemon or something. It's not important. Outside, you'll see Bel and her dad talking. Some sad and emotional music begins playing, and the gym leader shows up and Bel is happy again or something. I don't know. (Okay, seriously, when I first saw the gym leader come up, she looked exactly like a bug-type Pokemon or something).

Okay, now you should have access to the gym, but there are some places that you can go to first for some training and some new Pokemon. You can go to Route 5, to the north-west, or to Route 16, to the north-east.

However....before we go to the routes, there's some important items we have to obtain. Firstly, see the two-story building to the left of the Battle Subway? Go up to floor two and you can obtain a Sun Stone, which will evolve Churine/Monmen. Just to the left of that building is yet another building; go inside. Talk to the blue-haired man sitting west of the stairs on floor one. He'll give you HM04, Strength. Now, go upstairs and talk to the old lady. She'll give you a Soothe Bell. It raises the happiness of Pokemon faster. Certain Pokemon are obtained through happiness-based evolution, such as Hahakomori and Kokoromori (blah, what confusing names). Okay, now that we've got these, let's go explore some routes!

Route 16

Route 16 Wild Pokemon
    Reparudasu (レパルダス)
    Gochimu (ゴチム) [Black only]
    Yuniran (ユニラン) [White only]
    Chillarmy (チラーミイ)
    Yabukuron (ヤブクロン)
    Tabunne (タブンエ) [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga (エモンガ) [Shaking grass only]
    Chillachino (チラチーノ) [Shaking grass only]

You can explore a lot of Route 16, but access to the rest is blocked off until after the Elite Four (They don't want you battling trainers with Pokemon around level 65 when yours are half that). But for now, let's go explore what's accessible right now.

So, at the start is a policeman. He has a Lv 24 Harderrier. Next is a cyclist with a Lv 22 Koaruhii and a Lv 22 Reparudasu. Up north, near the trees is a backpacker with a Lv 23 Mogurew (that Ground-type mole Pokemon). There's a cut tree north of him, slice it down and get a Rare Candy. If you go the right, then up, you'll see a forest-like entrance. You'll find yourself in the Forest of Doubt.

Forest of Doubt

Forest of Doubt Wild Pokemon
    Hatooboo (アトーボー)
    Kurumayu (クルマユ)
    Monmen (モンメン) [Black only]
    Fushide (フシデ)
    Kenhorou (ケンホロウ) [Shaking grass only]
    Baoppu (バオップ) [Shaking grass only]
    Yanappu (ヤンアップ) [Shaking grass only]
    Hiyappu (ヒヤップ) [Shaking grass only]
    Hahakomori (ハハコモリ) [Shaking grass only]

As you can see, there's lots of Pokemon you can get. Kenhorou is in fact, the final stage of Mamepato. Anyway, in the entrance there is a Big Mushroom. Further on is a Backpacker, he says some stuff and leaves. There's a trailer there, it's probably that backpacker's wife or girlfriend in there. I don't know, but they don't say anything. Exit the Forest of Doubt, there's not much to do.

Back in Route 16, go back to the main path (past that backpacker before). He has a Lv 23 Zuruggu. Up the path is another Cyclist. He has two Lv 22 Hoiiga (Fushide's evolution). The path up further is blocked. Let's go to Route 5 now.

Route 5

Route 5 Wild Pokemon
    Chillarmy (チラーミイ)
    Gochimu (ゴチム) [Black only]
    Yuniran (ユニラン) [White only]
    Reparudasu (レパルダス)
    Yabukuron (ヤブクロン)
    Tabunne (タブンエ) [Shaking grass only]

Ok, so the first trainer you see is a chef outside a trailer. He has a Lv 21 Baoppu, a Lv 21 Hiyappu and a Lv 21 Yanappu. After him is a clown with two Hoiiga at level 22. The guy playing the guitar has two Lv 22 Shimama. After you beat him, he'll give you a Pokemon Musical accessory, the Electric Guitar. There's a dancer with two Lv 22 Darumakka. At the end of all these trainers, there's a painter with a Lv 23 Shinboraa. If you're looking for the grass, go back near the trailer. See the fence there? There's a break in it up north. You can go in there for wild pokemon. Up there is a backpacker with a Lv 23 Munna. Next to her is a Great Ball. Further to the west is a backpacker a Lv 23 Gamagaru. There's a Revive next to him. If you continue to the left, you'll get a Zinc.
So that's about everything you can do on Routes 5 and 16 for now! Let's go back to the gym!

Before coming the gym, you might want to get some Paralyz Heals (まひなおし) as the upcoming gym is Electric type and there'll be lots of Thunder Wave being thrown about.
To get to Raimon City Gym, just go through that arch (where you saw N) and enter the flashy purple building.

Raimon City Gym
Ooh, this gym is awesome! You get to ride these little hover cars!

Okay, so as usual, talk to the gym caretaker and receive your Fresh Water. Now, follow these instructions:

    Get on the hovercar on the right and get to the platform
    The lady there has two Lv 24 Emonga
    Step on the switch. The course will change.
    Ride the next hovercar...
    Go up and battle the next trainer. He has a Lv 25 Shimama
    Step on the next switch
    Get on the northern hovercar, but you'll find you can't as a boy steps out and challenges you with his two Lv 24 Shimama
    Take the next hovercar, step on the next switch
    Battle the next trainer. The lady has a Lv 25 Emonga
    Board the final hovercar and you'll arrive at the gym leader

I don't like waiting for the next hovercar. Anyway...

Snail's current team
    Lv 27 Mogurew
    Lv 27 Dageki
    Lv 26 Shinboraa
    Lv 26 Futachimaru

Dig TM comes in handy.

Raimon City Gym Battle [Electric] - Kamitsure
    Lv 25 Emonga
    Lv 25 Emonga
    Lv 27 Zeburakia

When you beat her, she'll give you the Volt Badge and TM72 Volt Change! Volt Change is like U-Turn, you can switch after your attack.

Kamitsure advises you to go to Route 5, so go!

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Re: Pokemon Black Walkthrough

Post by Latios on Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:11 am

Nice walkthrough!

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Re: Pokemon Black Walkthrough

Post by Snail on Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:02 pm

Shuckle wrote:Nice walkthrough!

Thanks, I finished part four yesterday, and now I added links to certain parts in the first post. Going to start work on Part Five now!

How about no.
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Part five - Route 5 to Quake Badge

Post by Snail on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:06 am

Just a few steps into Route 5, Cheren will walk in from behind you (You expected it, right?). Of course, he challenges you to a battle.

Boss Battle - Cheren
    Lv 24 Reparudasu
    Lv 24 Hatooboo

If you chose Tsutaaja...
    Lv 24 Yanappu
    Lv 26 Chaobuu

If you chose Pokabu...
    Lv 24 Baoppu
    Lv 26 Futachimaru

If you chose Mijumaru...
    Lv 24 Hiyappu
    Lv 26 Janobii

He's not that difficult, just hit his Pokemon hard. Take advantage of STAB attacks, etc.

After your win, Kamitsure will appear and say some...stuff. She'll bring you over to a man that wasn't there before. He has bright red spiky hair. His name is Adeku, the champion of Isshu! Adeku will have you battle these two little kids. They have two Harderrier at level 26. One of them has Intimidate. Cheren heals your Pokemon before the fight. After you win, just head over to the right (you couldn't access it before). There's a drawbridge, but the guy controlling it refuses to give you access. Kamitsure somehow persuades the guy and you can now cross the Hodomoe Drawbridge! Run or cycle across the bridge. As you go, you might see random spots appear on the bridge. Go over to where they are and you'll pick up a feather. They can be used to increase power, etc. While you're picking up feathers, you might come across a wild Pokemon instead!

Hodomoe Drawbridge Wild Pokemon
    Koaruhii (コアルヒー)

Koaruhii evolves into Swanna. These two pokemon are decidedly average, however.

After you pass through the drawbridge, you'll find yourself in...

Hodomoe City (ホドモエ)

As you cross the second, white bridge into town, you'll see Cheren and a cowboy named Yaakon arguing. Yaakon is the gym leader of Hodomoe. Anyway, go heal your Pokemon in the Pokemon Center. One thing you'll really want to check out is the marketplace. There's lots of cool things in there. Let's enter from the main entrance. There's a guy in a black suit behind a stall, and if you show him a Pokemon with its level above 30, he will give you an Expert Belt. The lady near the north entrance sells Moo Moo Milk for 500 per bottle. Moo Moo Milk heals your Pokemon by 100 health, so it's a good buy. The first option is to buy singularly, and the second option is to buy in dozens. The other option is just cancel. There are a few other stalls. The one to the south of the guy in the black suit will sell cheap herbal medicine. Herbal medicine lowers your Pokemon's happiness (won't matter unless your Pokemon is Koromori or Kurumayu and it evolves through happiness, or unless it knows Return). You'll find HealPowder which heals your Pokemon of any status for a 25% lower price than a Full Heal. There's EnergyPowder which is a complete rip-off and you'd be better off with Moo Moo Milks. There's Energy Root which heals your Pokemon of 200 health for a 25% lower price than a Hyper Potion, which is a good deal. Finally is the Revival Herb which revives and fully heals your Pokemon. Pretty much a Max Revive that can be bought, which is awesome and a very good deal (read: very expensive).

Now, there's a western secret entrance, but just outside there's a biker. He asks you whether you want to do a Rotation Battle in Black or a Triple Battle in White.

Rotation Battles are quite interesting. Only one Pokemon can attack at a time, but the Pokemon will rotate around so they can get hits. You can rotate your Pokemon and choose what they do, so it's kind of like a fast switch. Triple Battles are where you send three Pokemon in at once and they will all battle at the same time. The Pokemon on the side can only hit the middle and the one on their side. The one in the middle can hit everyone.

Okay, so go into the west side of the marketplace. There's a Big Pearl just waiting for you there.

Now that we've finished with the Marketplace, we need to get to the gym. But as usual, there's an event that needs to happen before we can battle the gym leader. Heal your Pokemon up, because there'll be some battles.

Head down to the southeast corner of Hodomoe. There's a building with a worker in strange clothes standing outside. As you approach this building, Cheren will stop you. He'll say something, then you can enter with Cheren.

Freezing Container

There's a Net Ball up the stairs, but it's a one-way ice puzzle there and as such you cannot continue further. Now, let's go through this typical ice-sliding puzzle.

    At the first ice puzzle from the main entrance, start at the far left square.
    Slide up
    Slide right
    You should land on some normal ground. Slide down
    You'll find TM55 Boiling Water blocked from view by a building. Just pick it up. It's a very good 80 Power Water-type move that has a 30% chance to burn the opponent.
    Go to the top square of that normal bit of land
    Slide left
    Slide up
    Slide right
    You'll find yourself in another normal bit of land with a trainer in between. He's a worker, he has a Lv 24 Baoppu and a Lv 24 Dokkora.
    Slide directly left across the ice
    Go up the stairs onto the container. There's a worker there with a Lv 24 Hiyappu and a Lv 24 Dokkora.
    There's another ice sliding puzzle. Start at the bottom square
    Slide right
    Slide up
    Slide down
    You'll end up at a green container and a brown container. Walk over and up the stairs to battle the worker and his Lv 25 Dotekkotsu. It's the evolution of Dokkora.
    Go down all those stairs and you'll find another worker. He has a Lv 24 Banipucchi (バニプッチ , Ice type) and a Lv 24 Dokkora
    Pick up the Ice heal next to him and go up. You'll see another ice slide, just start on the left square and slide directly up.
    Battle the next trainer. He has two Lv 23 Dokkora and a Lv 23 Banipucchi. Go to his right and pick up the Hyper Potion
    Don't go up the stairs; instead go south of the stairs and into that hole in the container. As you approach it, Cheren will appear. He'll say something. Enter it.
    Cheren will enter with you, despite the entrance being only one tile wide. Anyway, you'll see Team Plasma and one of the sages!
    The sage is named Vio (ヴィオ). He'll send the grunts on you! You'll have to battle four grunts while Cheren battles the other four.
    The first one has a Lv 23 Miruhog and a Lv 23 Zuruggu. Both are weak to fighting-type attacks.
    The second one has only a Lv 24 Reparudasu. Again, weak to fighting-type attacks.
    The third one has only a Lv 24 Yabukuron. Weak to ground-type attacks.
    The last one has a Lv 23 Meguroko (without intimidate) and a Lv 23 Miruhog. Both are weak to fighting-type attacks.
    After you defeat them all, Yaakon and four workers come in. The workers take them away and they're probaby arrested. I don't know why they just follow like that, they'd want trouble, right?
    Yaakon will return to his gym, leaving you and Cheren.
    Cheren will leave. Pick up the Nevermeltice in the corner.
    Go back through the simple one-way ice puzzle. It's just a quick return to the start.
    Exit Freezing Container.

Oh, and I forgot to add the Freezing Container Outside data.

Freezing Container Outside - Wild Pokemon
    Harderrier (ハーデリア)
    Banipucchi (バニプッチ)
    Chillarmy (チラーミイ)
    Chillachino (チラチーノ) [Shaking grass only]
    Muurando (ムーランド) [Shaking grass only]
    Tabunne (タブンエ) [Shaking grass only]

You might want an Ice-type, considering that eventually you'll have to battle Dragon-types. Banipucchi is a decent choice. You can also find Harderrier, the evolved form of Yorterii. And there's Muurando too, the evolved form of Harderrier.

Before we leave Freezing Container outside, there are a few trainers. To the right of the bridge is a Youngster with a Lv 24 Hoiiga and a Lv 24 Kaburumo (a new Bug-type). Further to the right is another Youngster with a Lv 24 Bachuru (a new cute Bug/Electric type!) and a Lv 24 Ishizumai. You can slip in between the two houses in between the two youngsters to find a Worker there. He'll give you a new item called the Rugged Helmet, which makes the opponent take a little bit of damage if they hit you with a direct attack first. Next to the left house is a trash can. Inside is a PP Up (who would throw out a valuable item like that?). There's a line of grass a bit south; you can find a Ether in there. Go a bit further right and you'll find a Worker in a secluded little area. He has a Lv 24 Yanappu and a Lv 24 Dokkora. There's some teal-coloured grass (The only difference in this one is that you can find Dokkora wild). In the middle is a Protein. You can also go up behind the Freezing Container, through that vertical line of grass and pick up a Heart Scale. Okay, now that you've gotten everything, heal your team and head for the Hodomoe Gym! Do note that some of Route 6 is accessible to you, but I'll cover that when you're meant to go there.

Hodomoe City Gym

When you approach the gym in the northeast, you'll instantly hear the Sage theme. You and Cheren will watch as Yaakon holds Vio and the grunts. Geechisu wants them back. Yakon gives Vio back but I think he tells them not to come back to Hodomoe. Something like that, anyway. You'll probably notice that Yaakon will hold a grudge against Team Plasma, as he'll return later on in the climax of Plasma's plans.

Enter the Gym. Get your Fresh Water from the caretaker and get on the lift and go down! Battle the first trainer there, he has a Gamagaru and Mogurew both at Level 28. Take the next lift down. You can take the next lift up, but there's just an optional trainer there. He has a Lv 28 Intimidate Meguroko and a Lv 28 Mogurew. So where the lift was, you'll want to go around the side of the level. Down there is another worker with a Lv 29 Warubiru without Intimidate (evolution of Meguroko). The lift to the right isn't necessary, but you can fight a trainer with two Lv 27 intimidate Meguroko and a Lv 27 Gamagaru. You'll want to take the other lift instead. Fight the OL. She has a Lv 29 Mogurew. Then take that lift down ... really, a lot down to Yaakon's platform.

Snail's current team
    Lv 33 Doryuuzu
    Lv 30 Dageki
    Lv 28 Shinboraa
    Lv 28 Futachimaru

Hodomoe Gym Battle [Ground] - Yaakon
    Lv 29 Warubiru
    Lv 29 Gamagaru
    Lv 31 Doryuuzu

His Doryuuzu is really tough; it's Ground/Steel type, with a massive attack stat. Try Water, Fire and Ground attacks against it. After you win, you'll get the Quake Badge, but he forgot the TM on Route 6, so that's where you should go next!

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Part Six - Route 6 to Jet Badge

Post by Snail on Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:49 am

As Yaakon had instructed, go to Route 6. On your way there, you'll be stopped by Bel. Of course, she wants to battle.

Boss Battle - Bel
    Lv 26 Harderrier
    Lv 26 Mushaana

If you picked Tsutarja...
    Lv 26 Baoppu
    Lv 28 Futachimaru

If you picked Pokabu...
    Lv 26 Hiyappu
    Lv 28 Janobii

If you picked Mijumaru
    Lv 26 Yanappu
    Lv 28 Chaobuu

You'll probably notice that Munna evolved, allowing it to tank a few more hits. Otherwise, still not very difficult. When you defeat her, she'll give you the valuable HM02 Fly, allowing you to shortcut back to any place on the map! Very useful! Anyway, just head on to Route 6.

Route 6

Route 6 Wild Pokemon
    Tabunne [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga [Shaking grass only]
    Kenhorou [Shaking grass only]
    Hahakomori [Shaking grass only]

The only new ones are Tamegetake (a strange Grass/Poison type, it's not too good), Kaburumo (evolves into an awesome Pokemon called Shubarugo, but you need to trade to do so) and Shikijika (Has quite a few powerful attacks. If you've got some room for a Grass-type, I recommend this one).

The first trainer you see is a scientist with his Lv 27 Shikijika (ugh, what a confusing name). Across the bridge and up further is a Pokemon Ranger with a Lv 27 Emonga and a Lv 27 Shikijika. There's a parasol lady looking out at the stream. She has four Lv 24 Otamaro. Past all the bridges is a scientist with a Lv 27 Shikijika. You'll see a lab with all of these scientists in there, they're researching Shikijika's changes based on seasonal patterns. Shikijika and its evolution change form depending on season. Past this lab is a scientist with her Lv 27 Shikijika.

Further ahead, you'll see some more grass. You'll see a multitude of item balls in there. Remember how in the previous games, you would find all of these items balls, but some of them would be Voltorb? Well, this time they're Tamegetake. In that puddle is a parasol lady with a Lv 26 Banipucchi and a Lv 26 Pururiru (A strange combination of Water and Ghost). Next is a Pokemon Ranger circling a patch of grass (Why isn't he swarmed by wild Pokemon?). He has a Lv 27 Chillarmy and a Lv 27 Emonga. Up north is a quiet little house. The woman will heal your Pokemon back to full health, while to little girl will give you a Shiny Stone. This can be used to evolve Chillarmy into Chillachino, or (after you've beaten the elite four) TOGETIC INTO TOGEKISS Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy (Sorry about that. Togekiss is really awsome, okay?). Anyway, exit the house, walk up north and you'll see a cave blocked by some yellow web! It's Denchura web, a new Bug/Electric spider Pokemon (and it's really awesome :p). When you examine it, Yaakon will come up from behind you and say some stuff. He gets his Warubiru cut it away. Yaakon then gives you TM78, Level Ground. It inflicts damage and lowers the opponent's Speed. Decent, but Dig and Earthquake provide more power. Go ahead into...

Electric Stone Cave

About four steps into the cave, two members of the Team Plasma's Dark Trinity will spawn and take you over to N. He asks you a question, but the answer doesn't matter. He'll mention 'Dark Trinity' and 'Geechisu' and stuff like that. He'll go north, which is where you should go, too.

Electric Stone Cave Wild Pokemon
    Bachuru (バチュル)
    Tesshiido (テッシード)
    Gantoru (ガントル)
    Gear (ギアル)
    Shibishirasu (シビシラス) [Very Rare]
    Mogurew (モグリュウ) [Swirling Dust only]

Well, we've got a whole bunch of Pokemon with potential. You've already seen Mogurew and it's pretty good. Gantoru is the evolved form of Dangoro, but you need to trade Gantoru to evolve it again. Tesshiido is a new Grass/Steel Pokemon with high defenses. If you need a wall (which usually arent necessary in-game), you could go with Tesshiido. Gear is very similar to Tesshiido. Bachuru is a cute Bug/Electric type that evolves into Denchura. It can be pretty effective, given the good level it evolves at and the nice moves it learns, plus the decent special attack and very good speed. Shibishirasu is a new pure Electric-type. It evolves into Shibirudon, which has no weaknesses. You could go to the effort of looking for it, but it takes forever. Not only that, it has a pretty bad movepool. Thunderbolt is nice though.

So yeah, go north. You'll see a big blue rock blocking your way. Bel will examine it, then Araragi will appear too. She'll blabber on about something, then give you the Lucky Egg! The Lucky Egg is an extremely valuable held item that was always ridiculously hard to obtain. It increases EXP Point gain by 1.5x.

To move the rock, just run into it when there's a big rock nearby. The push will attract the rock to the other through magnetism. Head up north. Push the next rock and pick up the Paralyz Heal. Battle the trainer with blue hair. He has a Lv 31 Aaken (Rock/Flying). There's a scientist with a Lv 29 Gear. Push the rock south of him and collect a Revive. Near the guy with the Aaken, push the top rock left and the bottom rock down. You can go through now. As you approach the next rock, Bel and Araragi will appear. There'll be some more dialogue, something about 100, I don't know. Continue on. When you go south and approach the bridge, the full Dark Trinity will spawn and take you across the bridge. There's a Hyper Potion there. Now, go push the rock down and fight the scientist with her Lv 29 Gear. Head south, around the stairs and push the rock at the bottom, giving you access to an Iron. Now go down the stairs.

Electric Stone Cave B1F

Go around. You'll see two guys next to each other. They'll hand you a Nugget each. Thanks Very Happy Anyway, if you go all the way to the right, you'll see stairs up to 1F, then a ledge to take you back. You don't want to go there, so go up the stairs next to the two guys. Instead of going up, go right. There's a doctor there with his Lv 29 Kurumayu. When you defeat him, he'll heal your Pokemon. You'll see some Plasma Grunts when you go up!

The first grunt has a Lv 26 Meguroko without Intimidate, a Lv 26 Zuruggu and a Lv 26 HYPNODOOOOOOOOOF Miruhog. The second grunt has a Lv 28 Zuruggu. The third grunt has a Lv 27 Yabukuron and a Lv 27 Reparudasu. The fourth grunt has three Lv 26 Yabukuron. The fifth grunt has a Lv 27 HYPNODOOOOOOOOOOOOOFAILURE Miruhog and a Lv 27 Meguroko (no intimidate). Push the crystal left, then the second crystal up. There's a sixth grunt there, with his Lv 28 Reparudasu. The seventh and final grunt is next to him. He has a Lv 27 Meguroko without Intimidate and a Lv 27 Miruhog (lolmiruhogisnewdoofepicfail). Ok, now there are two ways you can go. The staircase up leads you to the exit, but the staircase down leads you to some more training. Let's go down.

Electric Stone Cave B2F

There's an Ace Trainer with a Lv 30 Mogurew and a Lv 30 Zeburaika (the evolution of Shimama, remember?). Push that crystal to the right. Head south. Go right and south again to battle another Ace Trainer with a Lv 29 Gochimu, a Lv 29 Doredia (the evolution of Churine, it's Grass-type) and a Lv 29 Koaruhii. There's a Hyper Potion nearby. Now go back up, and to the right and up again. You'll find a room with magnetised rocks lined across the side, and a single Brightpowder in the middle. It lowers the opponent's accuracy. Now, head upstairs to the B1F, and up those stairs again to 1F.

Electric Stone Cave 1F

Go down, then over to the left. A scientist is there; he has a Lv 29 Gear. If you push that blue rock, you'll see a hiker with a Lv 26 Gantoru and a Lv 26 Dokkekotsu. Go back up to the crossroads and go south. You'll see an Ace Trainer there. He has a Lv 30 Erufuun and a Lv 30 Purotooga. Erufuun is the evolution of Monmen; it's Grass-type. Purotooga is a fossil Pokemon, a cute Water/Rock turtle. A bit south and down the stairs is a Magnet, which will boost the power of Electric-type moves. Well, this narrows it down to one more way. Go back to the crossroads and go east. N will be there, and he'll start talking. He'll ask you a question, say yes and he'll battle you!

Boss Battle - N
    Lv 28 Gantoru (ガントル)
    Lv 28 Bachuru (バチュル)
    Lv 28 Tesshiido (テッシイド)
    Lv 28 Gear (ギアル)

He's still not very difficult. This time, he's got all Pokemon from the cave. After you beat him, Bel and Araragi will walk up to you. He'll say some stuff about 'Trainer' 'Pokemon' 'Rules', etc. After that, N will leave, then Araragi will leave too. Bel will follow Araragi, so you should follow N and exit the Electric Stone Cave!

Fukiyose City

That was one long cave. By the way, there's something you should take note of in the Pokemon Center: the guy in the Pokemart will sell you TMs. Here's what's on offer:

    TM07 Hail (あられ) - 50000
    TM11 Sunny Day (にほんはれ) - 50000
    TM18 Rain Dance (あまごい) - 50000
    TM37 Sandstorm (すなあらし) - 50000
    やめる - Cancel

Anyway, leave the Pokemon Center and go up the road. You'll see Araragi's dad and the gym leader, Fuuro. He checks your Pokedex and upgrades it. Now you can differentiate forms! Araragi's father will leave for Electric Stone Cave, and Fuuro and will go up to the Tower of Heaven on Route 7. You should be headed there, as you won't be able to go the gym. But first, let's go around and collect items, etc.

So on the west side of town, you'll see all these airplanes parked. Near one of the airplanes is TM58, Freefall. It throws the opponent upwards into the air, so they can't attack you - then it will do damage when the opponent lands. Inside the airport (you can't use it, though) (that building where the policeman is standing outside is the airport), talk to a man standing next to the reception desk and he will pass to you the Sharp Beak, which increases the power of Flying-type attacks by 20%.

However, there is still one more thing... Next to the Pokemon Center, you will see a little house. Four people are standing there; The woman in the top-left is the Move Relearner, you will have to trade her a Heart Scale in order to remember a move. The man in the top-right is the Move Deleter. The other two people won't do anything. Okay, now let's head for Route 7!

Route 7

Route 7 Wild Pokemon
    Hatooboo (ハトーボー)
    Shikijika (シキジカ)
    Miruhog (EPIC FAIL)
    Zeburaika (ゼブライカ)
    Tamegetake (タメゲタケ)
    Tabunne (タブンエ) [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga (エモンガ) [Shaking grass only]
    Kenhorou (ケンホロウ) [Shaking grass only]

Hatooboo, Shikijika, Tamegetake, Tabunne and Emonga you've all seen wild. Kenhorou too, but it's very rare. Miruhog you haven't yet seen wild (at least I don't think so) but I DO NOT APPROVE. Zeburaika, however, is a good choice as the upcoming gym is Flying type.

Ok, so on the left is a woman looking out; she'll give you TM57 Charge Beam! Keep this, it should help you against the gym leader. On that same platform is a Backpacker who has a Lv 31 Baokki, the evolution of Baoppu. There's a house there, inside is a Hiker who will trade you an Emonga for his Gantoru. A good deal if you like Emonga since Emonga is quite rare. By the way, you can't ride your bicycle on those thin ledges. Hiding in all that tall grass is a Youngster. He has a Lv 29 Gamagaru, a Lv 29 Chobomaki (It's a bug-type that evolves by trade into Agirudaa, a very fast bug-type) and a Lv 29 Pendoraa (the evolution of Hoiiga!). There's another youngster buried in the grass with a Lv 30 Ishizumai and a Lv 30 Yanakkii (the evolution of Yanappu). When you get off the other end of the thin platform, an Ace Trainer will do a Rotation battle (Black) or a Triple Battle (White) with you! He has a Kokomori, Miruhog and Reparudasu, all at Lv 32. A bit north is a backpacker with a Lv 31 Chillarmy. Hiding in the grass is a Pokemon Ranger with a Lv 30 Kurumayu, a Lv 30 Hiyakki and a Lv 30 Hatooboo. This Pokemon Ranger will give you an Aspear Berry after defeat. Next is another Pokemon ranger, with a Lv 31 Yuniran and a Lv 31 Kibago (Dragon-type, evolves into Ononokusu at Lv 48, a ridiculously powerful dragon-type). Up ahead is the Tower of Heaven, but why not explore a bit more first?

Go to the thin platform on the right. Cross it and you'll find yourself at a house. Inside the house is a woman standing on a carpet, she'll heal your Pokemon. When you step onto the stairs, you'll receive a call from your mother! She just says some stuff, probably just checking on you. Probably just to make sure that Geechisu hasn't killed you already, I don't know. Anyway, you'll see a few more thin platforms, each with Clowns circling them. You'll also see some teal grass which will contain higher leveled Pokemon. The clown to your right has a Lv 30 Emonga and a Lv 30 Shinboraa. In the corner, there's an extremely valuable item - TM81 X-Scissor! The clown north of those stairs has a Lv 29 Shibishirasu, a Lv 29 Koaruhii and a Lv 29 Hatooboo. Now, get to the end of the thin platform and you'll find yourself at...

Mt. Neji
You'll be able to access everything here once you have the Jet Badge. As for now, you'll just have one Hiker to battle. He has a Lv 34 Gantoru and a Lv 34 Dokkekotsu. Since nothing else is here, just go back, heal your Pokemon and head towards the Tower of Heaven!

Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven 1F
There's nothing on this floor, so just go up that big spiralling staircase.

Tower of Heaven 2F

Tower of Heaven Wild Pokemon
    Hitomoshi (ヒトモシ) [All floors]
    Riguree (リグレー) [Floor 4 only]

Hitomoshi a new Ghost/Fire Pokemon. It's a little difficult to train at first, but once it evolves into Shanderaa after Lv 41 and a Dusk Stone, it can really destroy the opponent. Shanderaa also has the highest Special Attack of all non-legendary Pokemon! Riguree is an interesting Psychic-type Pokemon, it's sorta like an alien. It has very good Special Attack (obviously can't beat Shanderaa though), but its Speed is pretty bad.

Okay, so go north, around the coffins, and the first trainer is there. A psychic with a Lv 30 Riguree, a Lv 30 Yuniran and a Lv 30 Shinboraa. To the right is a lass with a Lv 30 Shikijika and a Lv 30 Gochimu. To her right is a Hyper Potion. Next is some older male trainer with a Lv 30 Emonga and a Lv 30 Harderrier. Slip between the coffins and go south to battle an older female trainer with a Lv 31 Kurumayu. To her left is TM61, Will-O-Wisp. It inflicts a burn on the opponent. Anyway, head up to the next floor.

Tower of Heaven 3F

There's a Psychic on the right; she has a Lv 32 Musharna. On the far left is another psychic with a Lv 31 Hitomoshi and a Lv 31 Kokoromori. The male psychic in between the coffins has a Lv 31 Desumasu and a Lv 31 Gobitto (You probably haven't seen this yet. It's a new Ground/Ghost type). There's another male psychic nearby with a L v 32 Daburan (evolution of Yuniran). Just near the stairs is a woman who will heal your Pokemon, but you'll have to defeat her first. She has a Lv 31 Gochimu and a Lv 31 Mamanbou (a FAIL water-type that looks like a love-heart, a bigger version of a Luvdisc. EPIC FAIL. The only good thing is that it gives you massive EXP.) There's nothing else on this floor, so head up to 4F!

Tower of Heaven 4F

You'll see some Ace Trainers on this floor. The first has a Lv 33 Muurando, which is the final stage of Yorterii. There's a Revive next to him. Further left is another Ace trainer, this one with a Lv 32 Kokoromori and a Lv 32 Gochimiru, the evolution of Gochimu. Now, go back to the starting area of this floor and go to the left and up. There'll be an item hiding near the wall, in between the coffins. It's TM65, Shadow Claw! Shadow Claw is a physical Ghost-type attack that has a high critical hit ratio. Okay, now go up the stairs.

Tower of Heaven Peak

You'll see Fuuro standing at the top, staring at a bell. She'll say some stuff. Go ahead and ring the bell. I don't know why she couldn't just do that herself, but whatever. Just exit the tower, fly off, whatever. Fuuro will be back at the gym, so heal your Pokemon and let's go!

Fukiyose City Gym

It's all the way north of the airport. The caretaker won't be blocking the way any more, so go in. Pick up your usual Fresh Water. Now, when you enter the gym, you'll see... a cannon? Go ahead and get in it. You'll get fired up to the next platform. Now, enter the next cannon (WHEEEEEEEEEEEE). Re-enter that cannon and you'll get fired over that gate. The first trainer is there. He has two Lv 32 Hatooboo. There's another worker up the stairs with a Lv 32 Koaruhii and a Lv 32 Koromori. Head down and enter the next cannon. You'll be fired in between some orange cones. The next trainer is a policeman or a flight attendant or something. He has a Lv 32 Koaruhii and a Lv 32 Shinboraa. Don't enter the next cannon from the left; instead enter it from the bottom. There's another flight attendant guy with a Lv 33 Kenhorou. Enter the same cannon again from the right. There's another worker there, he has a Lv 33 Kokoromori. Enter the next cannon and you'll fly through a green hoop! Enter the next cannon and you'll fly through a purple hoop and a white hoop (fun!). Enter the next cannon and you'll slam right into the wall and slowly slide down (I'm surprised your player character doesn't already have permanent brain and skull damage. Enter the last cannon to be shot through a red hoop and land right in front of Fuuro.

Snail's current team
    Lv 39 Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ)
    Lv 39 Shinboraa (シンボラー)
    Lv 38 Daikenki (ダイケンキ)
    Lv 41 Ranpuraa (ランプラー)

I'm very overleveled. Just so you know, Ranpuraa is the evolution of Hitomoshi, the Ghost/Fire Pokemon.

Fukiyose City Gym [Flying] - Fuuro
    Lv 33 Kokoromori (ココロミリ)
    Lv 33 Kenhorou (ケンホロウ)
    Lv 35 Swanna (スワンナ)

Kokoromori and Kenhorou aren't too difficult, just pound them with a rock-type attack, or a ice-type attack, or an electric-type attack. This is where Charge Beam comes in handy. Swanna isn't that difficult either, just hit it with an Electric attack and it will almost certainly faint. After you win, Fuuro will give you the Jet Badge and TM62, Acrobat. Acrobat is a flying-type attack that hits for double damage if the Pokemon is not holding an item. Exit the gym through that cannon behind Fuuro.

When you exit, N is there! He says something about the Light Stone and Dark Stone - remember that strange pebble in Shippou Museum? Well.... try and figure it out. Your next destination should be Route 7. The guy at Mt. Neji isn't blocking it any more, so go there!

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Part Seven - Mt. Neji to Icicle Badge

Post by Snail on Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:49 pm

So, go heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center in Fukiyose. When you come out, you'll notice that it's raining! Rain will boost the power of water-type attacks and lessen that of fire-types, so bad luck to those who use Pokabu, Baoppu or Hitomoshi! (bad luck to me too...)

Stock up on Repels!
    Unless you're trying to find a Pokemon you want, like Kumashun or Furijio or something, you'll definitely want some Repels. This cave is pretty long, and if you have to stop every few seconds to battle a wild Pokemon, it will take FOREVER.

Regardless, just head on to Route 7. Remember where Mt. Neji was? It wasn't straight ahead towards the Tower of Heaven, it was east of that. So let's go!

Mt. Neji

As you head on towards the staircase at Mt. Neji, well... what do you think happens? What happens EVERY TIME you win a badge? Bel or Cheren shows up, ready for a battle. This time it's Cheren!

Boss Battle - Cheren
    Lv 33 Kenhorou (ケンホロウ)
    Lv 33 Reparudasu (レパルダス)

If you picked Tsutarja...
    Lv 33 Yanakkii (ヤナッキー)
    Lv 35 Chaobuu (チャオブー)

If you picked Pokabu...
    Lv 33 Baokkii (バオッキー)
    Lv 35 Futachimaru (フタチマル)

If you picked Mijumaru...
    Lv 33 Hiyakkii (ヒヤッキー)
    Lv 35 Janobii (ジャノビー)

His monkey has evolved, and his starter is very close to its final stage. He's not that difficult anyway, but your rivals never are. The only rival who becomes difficult to beat is N, but that can wait...
Oh, and try and take advantage of the weather patterns. In other words, try Water-type moves if you have any. And try and avoid fire. Oh and i think his starter has Leftovers now.

After you defeat him, you'll realize that Adeku watched the entire battle between you and Cheren. Adeku will then act crazy and leap from that mountain (seriously?). Adeku will discuss with Cheren what it means to win or become champion or something. He'll then give you both HM03 Surf! Adeku will go back the way you came, and Cheren will proceed onto Mt. Neji. If your Pokemon are tired, just heal them at the house nearby and continue onto Mt. Neji!

Mt. Neji Inside

Mt. Neji Inside - Wild Pokemon
    Gantoru (ガントル)
    Dokkekotsu (ドッケコツ)
    Koromori (コロモリ)
    Kumashun (クマシュン)
    Furijio (フリジオ) [Very rare]
    Mogurew (モグリュウ) [Swirling Dust only]

Okay, what do we have here... Gantoru and Dokkekotsu you've already seen. You've already seen Mogurew and Koromori. Kumashun and Furijio... Kumashun is another good choice for an ice-type. It's a cute little bear, but it's a little difficult to train. It evolves at Lv 37, which is good. Furijio has the highest Special Defense stat of all Isshu Pokemon, at base 135. And as an offensive Pokemon, it's not that bad either; base 95 Special Attack is more than enough in-game, and base 105 Speed is great, too. The biggest problem? Really, really low defense. Like, base 30. If you know you can avoid any physical onslaught, then go ahead and use this Pokemon - but it's very rare and very hard to catch (oh and it will learn Ice Beam two levels after you catch it, which is an awesome move).

So when you head north, you'll see Cheren and Yaakon. Yaakon is trying to find and break into Team Plasma's hideout, I think. He succeeds in doing that in the end. But anyway, just continue east. Exit that next bit of the cave and you'll find yourself all the way at the top of some mine. There's two ways; north is a dead end with a Revive. South is where you should go, there's a Full Heal and an entrance. First up is a hiker with a Lv 33 Koromori, a Lv 33 Gantoru and a Lv 33 Dokkekotsu. There's a middle exit with a single Ace Trainer. She has a Lv 35 Baniricchi (evolution of Banipucchi), a Lv 35 Gochimiru and a Lv 35 Daburan. It's a dead end, so leave.

Continue all the way to the right and you'll see a battle girl with a Lv 36 Nageki. There's an exit off there with a worker. He has a Lv 34 Gantoru and a Lv 34 Doryuuzu. Continue north and off into the next section. If you continue east, a worker will jump you from his rock. He has a Lv 35 Kokoromori. East of him is a Moon Stone. Now, go south from that worker and into the next part of the cave.

Down south is a series of dirt mounds. The one north-east of the rock in the corner is a Worker with a three Lv 33 Gantoru (arrgh sturdy's new effects...). West is the next outside section of the cave, so go there. Up north is a Max Potion, but you should be headed the other way (left). You'll see the next cave entrance, but pick up the Ether first.

There's a blocked off middle path; pick up the Nugget in there. Now go back to the far left path and go north. A worker will jump you with his Lv 35 Doryuuzu! To his left is a PP Up. Now head east through the next cave exit.

South is a doctor! He'll heal your Pokemon when you defeat him. He has a Lv 34 Daburan and a Lv 34 Mushaana. Now, there are two cave entrances you can go into. Head into the first one.

Go north and you'll spot a Hiker with a Lv 34 Koromori and a Lv 34 Gantoru. Go through the door to the next part of the cave. There's a fork in the road. In the middle is a Black Belt with a Lv 36 Dageki! To his left is an item, so head south. There's a dirt mound next to the rock, but it's actually a worker. He has a Lv 34 Dokkekotsu and a Lv 34 Gantoru. Down south is the exit, and you'll finally land at the base of the mountain!

There's a little empty house to the left. You'll want to go to the right, however. There are about two different ways you can go now. Head into the lowered entrance first (the one near all those machines, past the first entrance). You'll see a worker who won't battle you. Continue along and go into this strange, different-coloured room with a big blue crystal in the middle. Inside here is TM91 Flash Cannon. Exit the cave.

Now, go to the other entrance. Head north, and you'll see Cheren and a Plasma Grunt to the east of the crossroad. There's nothing west, and north leads you to a deadend with nothing there. Strange. So let's head east. Cheren defeated the Plasma Grunt. Another one appears, but they both run away. Cheren just stays in the cave. When you exit, you'll see Araragi's dad. He'll ask you an unimportant question. He'll then head up north. Follow him and heal your Pokemon...

Sekka City

Oh, finally. Anyway, you can buy some really good TMs at the Pokemart. Here's what's on offer.

    TM 14 Blizzard (ふぶき) - 70000
    TM 25 Thunder (かみない) - 70000
    TM 38 Fire Blast (だいもんじ) - 70000

Ooh, we have some really good moves here! All three of these moves have an incredible 120 power! Blizzard has 70% accuracy but that becomes 100% during Hail. Thunder is the same, except it becomes 100% during Rain. Oh, and do note that if it's hailing/raining, they have a 30% chance to hit through Protect/Detect as well. Fire Blast on the other hand, has decent accuracy at 85%. You'll definitely want to pick that up (ouch, that really hurt my wallet, I only have about 8000 left now lol).

Hmm, this town really has been getting a lot of rain. You'll notice these big puddles, they have wild Pokemon in them! In some places, you even Surf in the puddles (when the puddle is darker).

Sekka City - Puddles Wild Pokemon
    Chobomaki (チョボマキ)
    Gamagaru (ガマガル)
    Maggyo (マッギョ) [More common when surfing]
    Gamageroge (ガマゲロゲ) [Rare, surfing only]

Ehh, this list isn't too impressive. Gamagaru and Gamageroge you've seen before, but you could try out Gamageroge if you want an instant fully-evolved Pokemon. Chobomaki is a bug-types, evolves into a VERY fast Agirudaa (for comparison, it's faster than Electrode!). Maggyo is one you probably haven't seen yet. Maggyo is kind of...meh. It's a strange Ground/Electric type.

For once, you have access to the gym straight away! But, let's explore a bit first. How about we go to Dragon Spiral Tower first? To get there, just head north.

Dragon Spiral Tower

Dragon Spiral Tower Outside Wild Pokemon
    Hatooboo (ハトーボー)
    Shikijika (シキジカ)
    Kurimugan (クリムガン) [Not in Winter]
    Kojofuu (コジョフー)
    Banipucchi (バニプッチ) [Winter only]
    Kumashun (クマシュン) [Winter only]
    Tabunne (タブンネ) [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga (エモンガ) [Rare, Shaking grass only]
    Kenhorou (ケンホロウ) [Rare, Shaking grass only, not in Winter]

Wow. That's quite a wide variety. Although, there's only two new ones. Kurimugan is a new Dragon-type Pokemon; it has high attack and good defenses, although its Speed is kind of low. Kojofuu is a Fighting-type that evolves into Kojondo at Level 50 (yeah, really long time). Araragi's dad is standing outside, but he won't do anything. There's a forest entrance, but you can't go in yet as there's just a dead end and pillers that create only one path. So yeah, catch what you want and go back.

Sekka Gym

It's that... hole... in the mountain. With the statues of icicles outside it. Collect your Fresh Water as usual. Now, follow these instructions.

    Slide north, into that direction changing thing (let's just call it a curve block). It will spiral you over to another square.
    Slide right
    There's a Black Belt there, he has two Lv 35 Kumashun, and a Lv 35 Furijio. Step on the nearby red switch
    The curveblock will turn. Run into it
    You'll get spiralled again to another platform. There's a battle girl there with a Lv 37 Furijio
    Slide right across the ice and jump! YOU'LL FALL INTO THE CHASM
    There's a Black Belt there. He has a Lv 37 Kumashun
    Slide right
    Slide north
    Slide left
    Slide right
    Slide north, onto the arrow
    There's a battle girl on that platform with a Lv 36 Kumashun and a Lv 36 Baniricchi
    Position yourself directly south from the girl. Slide south
    Slide right
    Slide off the arrow into the curveblock
    Slide up from where you are to hit the switch
    Slide north
    Slide left
    Slide into the curveblock
    Slide across the next ramp thing
    There's a Battle girl there with two Lv 36 Baniricchi.
    Slide left to the arrow land
    Slide north into the curveblock
    Slide right
    Slide up onto the right-pointing arrowland
    Slide right into the curveblock
    Slide up. Walk across the land and slide up again, to the land with the Black Belt on it. He has a Lv 36 Baniricchi and a Lv 36 Kumashun.
    Walk and hit the switch.
    Slide across to the next arrowland
    Slide into the curveblock
    Slide left
    Slide down
    Slide back into the curveblock
    Slide up
    Go and battle the gym leader!

Snail's current team
    Lv 42 Shanderaa (シャンデラー)
    Lv 43 Daikenki (ダイケンキ)
    Lv 43 Kojofuu (コジョフー)
    Lv 42 Shinboraa (シンボラー)
    Lv 42 Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ)

Yay, now it's time for Shanderaa and Kojofuu finalize their destruction of the gym!

Sekka City Gym Leader [Ice] - Hachiku
    Lv 37 Baniricchi (バニリッチ)
    Lv 37 Furijio (フリジオ)
    Lv 39 Tsunbeaa (ツンベアー)

If you thought this was hard, I don't know what's wrong with you. Fire, fighting, rock and steel attacks all demolish his team. He'll give you the Icicle Badge and TM79, Ice Breath which always critical hits. Okay, now head left of that final platform and go straight back to the start! Exit the gym.

Cheren and Bel are there. They'll talk, then Hachiku storms out of his gym, sensing some intruder. It's... the Dark Trinity! They say you should go to Dragon Spiral Tower, so heal up and head there...

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Optional 1 - Let's go Surf!

Post by Snail on Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:49 pm

Hey guys... so first, I'm going to cover opening the caves - Isshu's legendary trio.

Okay, so first up, you'll want to buy a shitload of Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls (Dusk especially). Now, head to Route 6 from Hodomoe's entrance.

Now that you guys have Surf, you'll see this guys all over the place:

Water Wild Pokemon
    Basurao [Red stripe] [Black only, surfacing fish in White]
    Basurao [Blue stripe] [White only, surfacing fish in Black]

These guys aren't very good in battle, but they give a nice chunk of EXP when you defeat them. They're unnecessarily hard to catch, but anyway... on Route 6!

Route 6

Surf across the first stream and go towards that item ball. It contains TM84, Poison Jab! This is another one of those pretty good in-game TMs. Walk around on the grass (since the next stream is blocked by rocks). Now, see where that parasol lady is looking out? Surf on that stream too. Hiding in the grass near those trees is a Silk Scarf, which increases the power of Normal-type moves by 20%. Now, when you collect that item, you're able to see what's north of you. You can't directly surf there from where you entered, because there are rocks blocking the path. But, see it? There's a cave! That's where you're headed. Surf left across the stream you were on before. You'll land near the lab researching Shikijika. Just surf from that bridge north to shortcut. Heal your Pokemon if you want, but you dont have to. Go into the blue grass to bypass the rocks. Surf across the stream again, you'll be around the back of the lab. Continue east and you'll find yourself at...

Fukiyose Cave

It's pitch-black in here, you'll want to have Flash. I can't be bothered using Flash, and it's the same cave whether you use Flash or not. Just follow the walkthrough anyway.

Fukiyose Cave Wild Pokemon
    Gantoru (ガントル)
    Koromori (コロモリ)
    Kibago (キバゴ)
    Mogurew (モグリュー) [Swirling Dust only]

The only new one is Kibago. Kibago is a bit rare, but the chances are that unless you use Repel throughout the entire trip, you will find at least one. Kibago knows Dragon Claw when you catch it, making it easy to train. It evolves into Onondo at Lv 42, then Ononokusu at Lv 48 (a VERY GOOD pokemon to use). I recommend Kibago, because the last gym is Dragon-type.

Okay, so just head south from here. You'll HM Strength, remember. You'll see a giant boulder there. Push it to the right twice, then push it south until it fits into the hole. Now you can proceed. Head down the stairs, go east and there's a hiker! He has a Lv 33 Mogurew and a Lv 33 Dokkekotsu (blah, that's such an annoying name). There's a Mrs. boulder to his right. Use your ULTIMATE STRENGTHHHHHHHH to move it right into the hole. Slip through those rocks to the right of the boulder, and you'll find some stairs a bit north. If you head around the left, you'll be spotted by a Hiker with a Lv 34 Gantoru (arrgh sturdy >_<). Keep heading left and you'll see a short staircase and a boulder to the left. Push it left into the hole, but that will only be a shortcut back to the entrance so don't go there. Instead, go up north, collect the Hyper Potion, then go south and head up the stairs.

Fukiyose Cave 2F

Go down those little stairs, shove the boulder to the right, and go up the little stairs it gives you access to. Stick to the southern wall and you'll eventually run into a Hard Stone. It gives a 20% boost to Rock-type attacks. You'll want to climb down back down the stairs you went on before, then push a rock left. Now, go up north and stick to the northern wall this time. Run until you reach a dead end, with one lone item ball - TM80 Rock Slide! Now head back and go left, over the boulder and climb up the little set of stairs and onto the next level.

Friend Room

I'm certainly relieved that I don't need flash for this cave, because I've been trekking through here without Flash (come on, it's a complete waste of a moveslot...). Anyway, right from where you are, head left and collect a Revive. You'll see an old man on a platform, but instead go right and north on that path. You'll come to a Dusk Stone (evolve Ranpuraa into Shandera. That's the actual reason I came here, but you should be here for the legendary Pokemon!). Now, go up the stairs. The old man will walk towards you and tell you about Kobaruon, Birijion and Terakion. They are... the legendary trio of Isshu! (It's in fact a quartet because there's an event legendary named Kerudio who has the same typing basis, the same stats (with different distributions), and is also quadrupedal). He'll ask you a yes/no question, but it's not important. Just go past him. Head north, then west and pick up a rare candy. Shove the rock into the hole, then the next rock too. Past the second rock is just a shortcut back to the start, so go past the first rock. Just follow the path normal, and you'll see a big blue Quadrupedal Pokemon! SAVE YOUR GAME, heal your Pokemon if necessary and talk to it!

Legendary Pokemon - Kobaruon
Lv 42
Steel/Fighting | Catch Rate: 3
Total PP: 60 | Highest Possible Speed: 118
    Helping Hand
    Iron Head
    Sacred Sword

Kobaruon might be a bit high-leveled for your Pokemon, so be on guard. Iron Head and Sacred Sword HURT, so watch out. If you have False Swipe (obtain from Araragi once you have seen 40 Pokemon in your Pokedex), then you can use it to lower its health down to 1. You'll also want to put it to sleep or to paralyze it. DO NOT burn it or poison it, as that will put a timer on how long you'll have to catch it! Utilize the information I have given you. Kobaruon's catch rate of 3 is ridiculously low. Dusk Balls are your best bet. You will have 60 turns to capture it. Kobaruon has ridiculously high defense, so you'll definitely want to use Special-based attacks against it. Kobaruon resists a large amount of moves, making it difficult to lower its health. If you fail to capture it, just reset your game. Good luck!

If you capture it, you will unlock a secret area in Yagaruma Forest (Birijion will be there). Just use an Escape Rope or Dig to instantly get out. If you don't have either, then just go back through the cave.

Okay, restock your Dusk/Ultra Ball supply. Let's head off for Yagaruma Forest!

Yagaruma Forest

Hey, remember how there was that man blocking the way in that break in the fence? He's gone now, so go there now. It's just past the bridges. In there, you'll see some teal grass.

Yagaruma Forest - Teal Grass Wild Pokemon
    Monmen (モネメン) [Black only]
    Churine (チュリネ) [White only]
    Kurumayu (クルマユ)
    Hatooboo (ハトーボー)
    Hoiiga (ホイーガ)

Yeah, you've seen most of these. Continue on.

Head right and go north. You'll see another part of the forest. Now, if you caught Kobaruon, then this will be open. If not, there will be boulders blocking the path. Go in if you caught Kobaruon.

Legendary Pokemon - Birjion
Lv 42
Grass/Fighting | Catch Rate: 3
Total PP: 55 | Highest Possible Speed: 118
    Helping Hand
    Giga Drain
    Sacred Sword

Try and hit it on its weaker Defense stat. Giga Drain is a pain in the ass because it will keep healing itself. Otherwise, just do what you did to catch Kobaruon and you'll handle it fine.

Now, there's one last Pokemon, Terakion, but he's hidden all the way in Victory Road. Oh well.

Time for some more Surf coverage! Fly back to Kanoko Town. Go a bit north onto Route 1 and you'll see some water.

    You'll want to leave one space in your party as you will receive an egg on this trip.

So, remember right at the start of this walkthrough, I told you to remember this place? Well, now we get to look through it!

Surf west and south to the shore of a secret section of Route 1!

Route 1 - Surf Required For Access

Route 1 Surf-Required Wild Pokemon
    Harderrier (ハーデリア)
    Miruhog (EPIC FAIL)
    Zuruggu (ズルッグ)

Nothing really new or impressive for this part's wild Pokemon.

Okay, so right away you'll see a Pokemon Ranger. She has a Lv 35 Kokoromori and a Lv 35 Baokkii. Over to the south-west is a Fisherman with two Lv 34 Pururiru. To the right of the gate is a Pokemon Ranger with a Lv 35 Chillachino and a Lv 35 Zeburaika. Now head through the gate.

Route 17

Route 17 Wild Pokemon
    Pururiru (プルリル) [Surfing only]
    Mamanbou (EPIC FAIL) [Surfacing fish only]
    Burungeru (ブルンゲル) [Surfacing fish only]

Let's see... Mamanbou is that big pink loveheart Pokemon. It's got massive HP, but... shitty offense. Puruiru is a decent choice, it's a Water/Ghost Pokemon. It's kinda cute, but I don't think defense is that much use in-game. Still it has good Special Attack. Burungeru is the evolution of Pururiru.

Okay, just surf directly onto that little island in the middle. There's a fisherman with two Lv 34 Basurao. Across to the next little blue island thingy is TM06, Toxic! It badly poisons the opponent, so they take more and more damage each turn. It's very good for a stalling, defensive Pokemon. There's a swimmer in the water nearby, she has a Lv 35 Mamanbou.

Now, you'll see three currents. Take the bottom one. You'll land at a big island on Route 18!

Route 18

Route 18 Wild Pokemon
    Zuruggu (ズルッグ)
    Ishizumai (イシズマイ)
    Miruhog (EPIC FAIL)
    Nageki (ナゲキ) [White only, Shaking grass in Black]
    Dageki (ダゲキ) [Black only, Shaking grass in White]
    Tabunne (タブンネ) [Shaking grass only]
    Pururiru (プルリル) [Surf only]
    Mamanbou (EPIC FAIL) [Surfacing fish only]
    Burungeru (ブルンゲル) [Surfacing fish only]

You've already seen most of the Pokemon; outside Yagaruma Forest, in the desert, on Route 17, etc.

First up is a hiker with a Lv 34 Gantoru and a Lv 34 Iwaparesu (the evolution of Ishizumai). Continue on this path till you reach a house. Talk to the woman with blue hair and she'll heal your Pokemon. You'll notice a guy in black, hiding in the corner. He just says a lot of stuff. Talk to the Pokemon Ranger in the house and he'll give you a gift! It's...

Meraruba Egg
    Meraruba is a very rare Pokemon; in fact, you can't even catch it, anywhere! It hatches after about 10000 steps (tip: Go to Fukiyose City. Travel to the Tower of Heaven and catch a Flame Body Hitomoshi [You will know that it's Flame Body if the Hitomoshi takes damage from a fire-type attack]. Return to Fukiyose City and Bicycle around in the airport. The Flame Body ability halves the amount of steps required to hatch the Pokemon). Meraruba evolves into a big Bug/Fire type SUPER-AWESOME moth Pokemon called Urugamosu at Level 59. I wouldn't go ahead and use it in-game (although I did use Urugamosu for the first Elite Four run through in White, I had the patience...) because it evolves at such a high level. Of course, if you do want to use it, go ahead. It's very powerful (for your information, it can survive most Surf attacks, regardless of the Special Attack stat).

Go ahead and leave the house. Near the stairs is a backpacker with a Lv 35 Emonga. South of her is a boulder which you can shove into the hole. There's a Max Elixer in the corner. Now head down the stairs. Go to the next set of stairs, just south. Push the next boulder into the hole, then continue right to a dead end with a backpacker and an item. The backpacker has a Lv 35 Erufuun (remember, the evolution of Monmen). The item is a Dragon Scale. It evolves a Kanto Pokemon called Seadra into a Dragon-type called Kingdra. Just save it for later. South is a dead-end, so go up north. You'll see a long line of grass. At the end is HM05 Waterfall! You won't need it until you've beaten the Elite Four. Waterfall is a physical Water-type attack that deals good damage; use it if your Pokemon has a higher Attack, otherwise Surf will beat it in damage. So anyway, go back up to a big set of stairs. There's a Veteran or something with a Lv 35 Basurao, Lv 35 Yanakkii and a Lv 36 Hihidaruma. You'd better watch it, as Hihidaruma deals massive damage. Cross the bridge, head down the stairs and you'll come to a different shore. Now let's surf some more!

...More currents. Take the bottom one. It will take you on a fun ride and you'll land at a separated part of Route 18 - P2 Lab!

P2 Lab

Head inside the building. There's a Dubious Disc there, which evolves Porygon2 into Porygon-Z. That seems to imply that Porygon-Z and the Dubious Disc were made in Isshu - Porygon-Z should have been an Isshu Pokemon!

But don't leave yet! There's one more, VERY important item you should collect! Head south. You'll see a Scientist there; he has a Lv 35 Dasutodasu - the evolution of Yabukuron (eww)! But sitting in the corner is TM24 Thunderbolt! It's definitely the best Electric-type attack of all.

P2 Lab Wild Pokemon
    Miruhog (EPIC FAIL)
    Harderrier (ハーデリア)
    Gear (ギアル)
    Zuruggu (ズルッグ)

You've seen all of these Pokemon.

Okay, now let's Surf left. Slip in between the currents (Don't go in them!). Go onto the Shallow water. Head left and you'll see a Swimmer. He has a Lv 34 Pururiru and a Lv 34 Hiyakkii. Slip between the currents south of him, then travel west in between the currents. There's another swimmer. She has a Lv 34 Koaruhii and a Lv 34 Pururiru. Stick to the southern wall and you'll end up back at Route 18. Head South a bit and pick up a Heart Scale. Now, go north. There's a girl with a Lv 35 Zuruggu and a Lv 35 Dokkekotsu. Up north is some blue grass, where you can find wild Iwaparesu. Finally, there's TM19 in the grass. It's Telekinesis.

Okay, that's all there is on Route 1, 17 and 18!

There's one more exploration you can do with Surf (the rest are just little items scattered all over the place; I'll leave you to get them since they're really not worth that much time.

Underground Waterway Opening

Remember your first cave, where you and Cheren battled Team Plasma Grunts? Return there. You'll want to bring Flash with you. Head into Underground Waterway Opening. The entire cave is full of water, so Surf around. Go across the water and collect an Ether. South and down the stairs is an Escape Rope. Now go down those stairs.

Underground Waterway Opening B1F

Head on north. Go down the stairs and you'll see some water, to your left and right. Surf to your right. Go directly across and you'll land on another piece of land. Follow the path and you'll reach TM47, 'Low Kick'. (It's not actually Low Kick, but in fact a new move that's transliterates into Low Kick). Jump off the ledge. Head left and you'll find yourself near some more water. Go straight across the land and you'll find some trainers.

The first one is a Battle girl with a Lv 35 Dokkekotsu and a Lv 35 Dageki. You'll also see a Black belt running around. He has a Lv 34 Zuruggu, a Lv 34 Nageki and a Lv 34 Dageki. There's another Battle girl with a Lv 35 Dokkekotsu and a Lv 35 Nageki. Head onwards and you'll find some stairs. If you head west, and up the next set of stairs, you'll find a Dive Ball in the bottom-right corner. Return to the stairs after the three trainers. Now, go north and down another set of stairs; you'll find some water. You'll want to go up north to another piece of land. There, you can go up one more set of stairs and collect TM52, Focus Blast. A Fighting-type move with 120 power, but only 70 Accuracy. To the right of this (before those stairs), you can go to the right and hiding inside the walls is a Max Elixir. Head back to the same stairs, and go east. Go down a set of stairs and you'll find a Mystic Water hiding in a corner. Okay, that's all there is here!

Use an Escape Rope or Dig to get out instantly. Otherwise, just trek your way back out. You've finished all the main explorations with Surf for now, so let's go back!

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Part Eight - Dragon Spiral Tower to Legend Badge

Post by Snail on Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:08 am

So head up to Dragon Spiral Tower, to the north. Araragi's dad is waiting for you there. Bel arrives. Araragi's dad gives you an Old Gateau, which heals your Pokemon of all status conditions. That's nice, but I'd rather eat it myself. Omnomnom. Head into the forest entrance.

So, it seems that Plasma has demolished an entrance into the tower, and they've also demolished two of the pillars! So why not head off to the pillars for some extra training?
Surf across.

You'll see an Ace Trainer south, he has a Lv 36 Baniricchi and a Lv 36 Denchura. Both are weak to fire. Up north in the grass is another Ace Trainer, she has a Lv 35 Kumashun, a Lv 35 Hihidaruma and a Lv 35 Hahakomori. Pick up the item, it's TM63 Embargo. Meh, not very useful. Come on, they could have put a much better move in there, something like Leaf Storm...

Dragon Spiral Outside Teal Grass Wild Pokemon
    Hatooboo (ハトーボー) [Not in Winter]
    Mebukijika (メブキジカ)
    Kojofuu (コジョフー)
    Kurimugan (クリムガン) [Not in Winter]
    Tsunbeaa (ツンベアー) [Winter only]
    Baniricchi (バニリッチ) [Winter only]
    Tabunne (タブンネ) [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga (エモンガ) [Shaking grass only]
    Kenhorou (ケンホロウ) [Shaking grass only, not in Winter]

Okay, let's head back to the main path, and into Dragon Spiral Tower!

Dragon Spiral Tower Inside

Dragon Spiral Tower 1F

Dragon Spiral Tower Inside - Wild Pokemon
    Gobitto (ゴビット)
    Kurimugan (クリムガン)
    Kojofuu (コジョフー)

Gobitto is the only new one. It's a strange combination of Ground and Ghost, and it has a really high attack stat (well, its evolution does). You can use it if you want, but I haven't tried it.

Just head straight onto the path. When you approach the stairs, a big rumble echoes across the floor. Wonder what it is. Go up.

Dragon Spiral Tower 2F

Cheren is up on a higher level, but all these rocks crashed down! You have to take an alternate path. Go left, up, around that pillar and into the area next to it. Get the Hyper Potion. See that crashed pillar? You can use it like a ramp. Go up. Collect the Stardust on that pillar, then go into the next room.

Go on that circular staircase. You'll see a jump ramp puzzle like Bell Tower of HG/SS. Go down. Take the ramp in the middle, and follow the path. You will collect a Shiny Stone. Return, and take the bottom path. Go up the next circular stairs and into the next room.

Dragon Spiral Tower 3F

Immediately, you'll spot Hachiku and Cheren surrounded by Plasma Grunts! Head straight for the stairs. The first Plasma Grunt there has a Lv 34 Failhog. The second grunt has a Lv 34 Reparudasu. Go up the next set and battle the third grunt with his Lv 34 Zuruggu. Head up, battle the fourth grunt. He has two Lv 33 Reparudasu. Go up, to the right and battle the fifth grunt with his Lv 32 Failhog, Lv 32 Zuruggu and Lv 32 Warubiru. Collect the Dragon Fang a bit to his right, which increases power of Dragon-type attacks by 20%. Go up.

Dragon Spiral Tower 4F

Go right, head across the plank. Go left, across the plank and pick up the star piece. Jump the ramp. Go around, go on the first plank (you'll be right in the center). Jump the ramp. Go right until you get to a stardust on a wall. Now go back and head on the first plank you see; go left from there and you'll hit the stairs.

Dragon Spiral Tower 5F

Just a few steps onto the floor, you'll here something crash, then a roar. Hmm. Head on the straightforward path north, collecting the Max Elixir. Go left and you'll seem Team Plasma Sage Jaro and his four team Plasma Grunts! The Grunts quickly surround you, while Jaro calls for you to be defeated or something like that. Grunt 1 has a Lv 33 Failhog and a Lv 33 (intimidate) Warubiru. I don't know why, but he directly switched out of my Shanderaa. Don't ask. Grunt 2 has a Lv 34 Warubiru without intimidate. Grunt 3 has a Lv 33 Yabukuron and a Lv 33 Reparudasu. Grunt 4 has a Lv 34 Failhog. (Why are these guys so easy?) After their defeat, they all go away from you. Jaro does nothing. Go up the next set of stairs.

Dragon Spiral Tower 6F

The music changes. A giant event is about to happen. You'll see an awesome cutscene of N summoning Zekrom (in Black) or Reshiram (in White). His dragon flies him away, as Cheren and Hachiku finally reach you. You'll all leave and arrive back outside Dragon Spiral Tower.

You, Araragi's dad, Hachiku, Bel and Cheren all discuss what happened with N. Adeku arrives. Adeku believes that the only way to stop N is to get the other dragon! Araragi whatever (I don't even know if it's her dad, he could be her husband or something) and Hachiku head back into Dragon Spiral Tower. Cheren and Adeku leave back towards Sekka City, leaving you and Bel. She advises you to go to Ancient Castle on Route 4. Heal up your Pokemon and fly to Raimon City! I won't need to direct you there, since if you've been following the walkthrough, you'll probably already know where it is. If you don't know, check Part Four.

Ancient Castle

(I already provided you with Wild Pokemon data, even for the basement floors that only now you'll have access to. It's just Warubiru and Desukaan, the evolutions of Pokemon you already encountered)

As you approach Ancient Castle, Cheren arrives. He says something then stays there.

Ancient Castle B1F
Remember where that worker was? He blocked off access to the basement floors. He's gone now, so head down those stairs.

Ancient Castle B2F
Facing you directly is a Team Plasma Sage, Ryokushi! He says something then stays there. Head on towards that grunt. Battle his Lv 34 Failhog and his two Lv 34 no-intimidate Warubiru. Run into the sinkhole and go down! Remember that to not fall into sinkholes, you have to walk - but this one is a sinkhole you want to go into.

Ancient Castle B3F
Pick up the Max Potion. Battle the Plasma Grunt with his Lv 35 Zuruggu and Lv 35 Failhog (arrgh how many of these are there?). Walk over the sinkhole and battle the next grunt with her Lv 36 Dasutodasu. Walk over the sinkhole and collect TM30 Shadow Ball! (A very good, special Ghost-type attack!) Jump into the sinkhole now.

Ancient Castle B4F
Head straight left and battle the Plasma Grunt and his Lv 36 Warubiru. It doesn't have intimidate. Walk over to the Max Revive. Now walk over and battle the next Plasma Grunt. She has a Lv 34 Reparudasu, and two Lv 34 Yabukuron. You'll want to fall into this hole, but first collect a PP Up on the other side of the sinkhole.

Ancient Castle B5F
You'll spot a couple of Plasma Grunts. The first one has a Lv 35 Failhog (I am so sick of these.) and a Lv 35 Zuruggu. The next one has a Lv 35 Yabukuron and a Lv 35 Reparudasu. Jump into the sinkhole.

Ancient Castle B6F
You'll see Adeku confronting Geechisu! Cheren falls down the sinkhole just after you. After some talking, Geechisu will leave. You, Adeku and Cheren will all leave too. You'll receive a call from Professor Araragi. She'll tell you to come to Shippou City NOW! Adeku will fly off to Shippou.

Shippou City

Go to the museum. Bel, Araragi and her father (or husband, i dont know) and Adeku are all there. Aloe steps in as well. They have come to the conclusion that the pebble in the museum - remember that? It was the Light/Dark stone! Adeku will say that the person who takes it will be forced to battle N. Answer yes to the question and Aloe will give you the Light/Dark stone. (wait, wtf? Adeku just flew away, but Adeku was still standing there... but then disappeared? I'm confused.) You'll be instructed to go to the Cylinder Bridge and go to Souryuu City! So head on back to Sekka City, cross the bridges to the right of the Pokemon Center and go down the stairs!

Route 8

Route 8 Wild Pokemon
    Gamagaru (ガマガル)
    Maggyo (マッギョ)
    Chobomaki (チョボマキ)
    Gamageroge (ガマゲロゲ) [Surfacing fish only]

Head to your north-west. There's a Pokemon Ranger there with a Lv 34 Kumashun and a Lv 34 Gamagaru and a Lv 34 Marakacchi. Around in those trees is a Poison Barb. Go to his north-east and you'll find a TM36, Sludge Bomb! There's a Parasol lady near the 'surf'-able puddle. She has a Pururiru at level 34, and a Lv 34 Koaruhii. There's a Full Heal to the right. Go up to the north-east. You'll see a Pokemon Ranger, she has a Lv 36 Chillachino. You'll see the Sekka Wetlands, but you don't need to go there. I won't cover it as it is optional. In the corner is an Ultra Ball. Okay, now take the south path. There's a Parasol Lady who will give you TM42 Facade. Not too useful right now. There's a fisherman with two Lv 34 Basurao. There's another Parasol lady with a Lv 35 Mamanbou (DESTROY IT! You'll get a lot of exp for it!). There's another parasol lady behind that signpost. She'll give you a weather-based item; a Damp Rock, Heat Rock, Icy Rock or Smooth Rock.

Now, approach the bridge. Just one step away from entering it, Bel will stop you for a battle!

Boss Fight - Bel
    Lv 38 Muurando (ムーランド)
    Lv 38 Mushaana (ムシャーナ)

If you chose Tsutarja...
    Lv 38 Baokkii (バオッキー)
    Lv 40 Daikenki (ダイケンキ)

If you chose Pokabu...
    Lv 38 Hiyakkii (ヒヤッキー)
    Lv 40 Jarooda (ジャローダ)

If you chose Mijumaru...
    Lv 38 Yanakkii (ヤナッキー)
    Lv 40 Enbuoo (エンブオー)

So, all of her Pokemon are fully evolved and this fight will be more difficult. Muurando has Intimidate. If you chose Mijumaru, then you'll definitely want to use weather to your advantage. After you beat her, she'll hand you a Full Restore. Let's go onto the Cylinder Bridge!

Cylinder Bridge

It's pretty cool. Remember to talk to the second person on the bridge, a battle girl walking around. She'll hand you TM43 Nitro Charge which is similar to Charge Beam in that it hits for damage and boosts a stat (Speed). Look into the distance. You'll see a fat guy with green hair. It's Geechisu! The Dark trinity will spawn around you and take you over to him. He starts talking about N and the stone, and Team Plasma and all this rubbish. Leave the bridge.

Route 9

As you exit, you are spotted by a Black Belt. He literally throws you an item - TM56 Fling. The first trainer you see has a Lv 36 Warubiru (no intimidate) and a Lv 36 Zuruggu. Up north is some skull guy with a Lv 36 Warubiru (no intimidate) and a Lv 36 Dasutodasu. There's a biker and skullguy who will double battle you with their two Lv 36 Zuruggu. There's another biker to the west, he has a Lv 37 Komatana (Dark/Steel). There's another skullguy with a Lv 37 Zuruggu. In the grass, you'll find a HP Up and a Max Elixir. You'll also find a cave with a Black Belt blocking the entrance - no, this isn't Victory Road.

Route 9 Wild Pokemon
    Gochimiru (ゴチミル) [Black only]
    Daburan (ダブラン) [White only]
    Chillarmy (チラミー)
    Dasutodasu (ダストダス)
    Komatana (コマタナ)
    Reparudasu (レパルダス)
    Tabunne (タブンネ) [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga (エモンガ) [Shaking grass only]
    Chirachiino (チラチーノ) [Shaking grass only]
    Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル) [Shaking grass only, Black only]
    Rankurusu (ランクルス) [Shaking grass only, White only]

What do we have here... quite a variety. Most of these are just evolutions of Pokemon you've already seen. The only new one is Komatana. Komatana is a Dark/Steel type that evolves at Level 52 into Kirikizan. These Pokemon have high attack, decent defense but average speed. Anyway, see that big building up there? It's the Shopping Mall! Just buy what you need there, and head into Souryuu City!

Souryuu City

Right away you'll see Adeku and Team Plasma. They've gathered a massive crowd. Everyone soon leaves, leaving you with Iris and Shaga (her grandfather). There's some more dialogue, then you'll be left alone.

Heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, buy whatever you need and head into the alleyway to the left of the Pokemon Center. Iris is waiting for you there. She'll go into her house. Shaga and Iris will begin talking about the dragons because Adeku told them to. Shaga will leave. Go upstairs. Talk to the football player and he'll give you a Pumice Stone, which lowers your weight and therefore take less damage from Grass Knot and original Low Kick. Talk to the woman in the house, answer yes to her question. She'll give you an Aiming Mark. A lot of websites say that Aiming Mark allows your Pokemon to hit through an opponent's immunities, but if I recall correctly, Aiming mark does the opposite of that. In other words, it's a pretty useless item. Okay, now let's head for the gym!

Souryuu City Gym

It's up in the north-east. Talk to the caretaker and receive your Fresh Water. First up is an Ace Trainer with a Lv 41 Onondo. Onondo is a Dragon-type, the evolution of Kibago. Head onwards on the path. Jump the left ramp and battle the Ace Trainer with her Lv 41 Monozu. Monozu is Dark/Dragon, and is the first stage of the pseudo-legendary line of Isshu. Monozu evolves into Jiheddo at Lv 50, then into Sazandora at Lv 64 (the highest of all Pokemon). Now, follow these instructions:

    Jump off that yellow arrow. The dragon will begin to turn
    Go up north and follow the path of the dragon head. There's another Ace Trainer there with two Lv 40 Onondo.
    Jump off the yellow arrow and the dragon will begin to turn
    Again, follow the dragon head to a platform up north. Follow the path
    There's an Ace Trainer there with a Lv 40 Onondo. Keep following the path
    Turn left
    Jump off the yellow arrow and the dragon will begin to turn. You'll spot Shaga/Iris up at the top platform
    Head down to the ramp south, instead of the head. You'll be seen by a Veteran with a Lv 42 Kurimugan
    Turn left
    Follow the path, then turn right when you see an arrow
    Jump of the yellow arrow, and the dragon will begin to turn
    Get up onto the head and onto the platform. Head north and down the staircase
    Battle the next Ace Trainer with his Lv 39 Monozu, Lv 39 Kurimugan and Lv 39 Onondo.
    Keep heading south
    Jump off the yellow arrow and the dragon will turn
    Jump off the ramp up north and jump off the left-facing ramp. You'll be back where the previous Ace trainer was, but don't worry
    Go south
    Jump off the yellow arrow and the dragon will turn
    Get onto the head and onto the next platform
    There's an Ace Trainer there, she has a Lv 40 Monozu and a Lv 40 Kurimugan
    Jump off the yellow arrow and the dragon will turn
    Get onto the head and follow the path. You'll see the Veteran blocking the way, so instead turn right.
    There's a Veteran on that platform. She has two Onondo, one is Lv 40 and the other Lv 41.
    Jump that ledge, then take the first turn
    Jump off the yellow arrow and the dragon will turn - up to Shaga/Iris!
    Go and battle the gym leader!

If you want to heal, take the green teleport behind Shaga/Iris. Shaga is the gym leader in Black, Iris is the gym leader in White.

Snail's current team
    Lv 46 Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ)
    Lv 46 Kojofuu (コジョフー)
    Lv 46 Shinboraa (シンボラー)
    Lv 46 Daikenki (ダイケンキ)
    Lv 46 Shanderaa (シャンデラー)

I'm still overleveled, but I don't realy have a type advantage; Doryuuzu is probably my best bet as it resists dragon-type moves and hits ridiculously hard. But that's MY game, not yours!

Souryuu City Gym [Dragon] - Shaga [Black] or Iris [White]
    Lv 41 Onondo (オノンド)
    Lv 41 Kurimugan (クリムガン)
    Lv 43 Ononokusu (オノノクス)

Okay. Onondo and Kurimugan, you've already battled Pokemon like that in the gym, at the same levels. Watch out for Dragon Dance as usual. But the one you'll really want to watch out for is Ononokusu. Onondo evolves at Lv 48, so don't ask why there's a Lv 43 one here. But regardless, it's still extremely powerful. Ononokusu has a base 147 Attack stat and a base 97 Speed, so if it gets a Dragon Dance in, it could rip your entire team apart! After you beat them, you will receive your final gym badge - the Legend Badge, and TM82 Dragon Tail (always goes last, attacks with decent power and always switches the opponent out). Exit the gym.

Prof. Araragi is waiting outside. She will hand you a Master Ball! Master Ball captures ANY Pokemon successfully, so don't waste it on any old Pokemon, even if it breaks out of all of yours Ultra Balls or something. Anyway, you should be headed for Route 10 now! It's up north.

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Part Nine - Route 10 to The Pokemon League

Post by Snail on Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:22 am

Fully set for a long road? You'd better be, since Victory Road is coming up.

As you walk along through the corridor, the guy in blue will stop you. He'll tell you about some strange weather at Route 7. Do you want to get another legendary before Victory Road? If you want to, then let's go to Route 7!

Route 7

It begins to rain very heavily, severely obscuring your view. You'll want to be headed for Mt. Neji. As you head there, an old lady will step out of her house and invite you in. She'll ask you a question, but it's not important. She'll bring you some food or something. Head outside.

Go up the stairs. You'll hear a strange cry. A weird green and purple Pokemon (Black) or yellow and white Pokemon (White) will fly into sight. It flies away. All the weather is restored to normal. What a strange event.

Remember, in Ruby/Sapphire, how Latias/Latios kept moving around the region? Or how in Diamond/Pearl, how Mesprit and Cresselia will move around? Or in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold and SoulSilver, how Raikou and Entei always ran away at the start of the battle? These are all roaming Pokemon. Torunerosu (Black) or Borutorosu (White) will be roaming around the region at Lv 40. Torunerosu is the first pure Flying-type, while Borutorosu is an Electric/Flying type that is kind of...more useful in battle. You can go chase your flying-type if you want, but I'll cover Route 10.

Route 10

Route 10 Wild Pokemon
    Harderrier (ハーデリア)
    Baruchai (バルチャイ) [Black only]
    Washibon (ワシボン) [White only]
    Baffuron (バッフロン)
    Tamegetake (タメゲタケ)
    Dageki (ダゲキ) [Black only, Shaking grass only in White]
    Nageki (ナゲキ) [White only, Shaking grass only in Black]
    Morobareru (モロバレル) [Teal Grass only]
    Tabunne (タブンネ) [Shaking grass only]
    Emonga (エモンガ) [Shaking grass only]
    Muurando (ムーランド) [Shaking grass only]

Oh wow, what a long list. Again, most of these Pokemon are just the evolutions of others. Baruchai and Washibon are new; Baruchai is a Normal/Flying type that evolves into Barujiina at Lv 54, but its stats are very defensively-based. Washibon is a Normal/Flying type as well. It evolves into Wooguru (Wargle as you've more likely seen) at Lv 54 with a pretty high Attack stat.

So, the first trainer you see is a Battle Girl with a Lv 39 Zuruzukin (evolution of Zuruggu) and a Lv 39 Kojofuu. Up the stairs is an Ace Trainer with a Lv 39 Onondo and a Lv 39 Shibibiiru (Electric-type, I think it has Levitate) and a Lv 39 Agirudaa (Evolution of Chobomaki, it's ridiculously fast). There's a Veteran looking out at the stream with a Lv 39 Marakacchi, Lv 39 Mamanbou and a Lv 39 Furijio. As you reach the bridge, Cheren and Bel arrive. Cheren wants a battle.

Boss Battle - Cheren
    Lv 43 Kenhorou (ケンホロウ)
    Lv 43 Reparudasu (レパルダス)

If you chose Tsutarja...
    Lv 43 Yanakkii (ヤナッキー)
    Lv 45 Enbuoo (エンブオー)

If you chose Pokabu...
    Lv 43 Baokkii (バオッキー)
    Lv 45 Daikenki (ダイケンキ)

If you chose Mijumaru...
    Lv 43 Hiyakkii (ヒヤッキー)
    Lv 45 Jarooda (ジャローダ)

After this battle, Cheren will heal your Pokemon. Bel will give you a Max Revive to help you, and they'll both leave. Let's check the area past the teal grass up north first.

There's a Black Belt up there, he has a Lv 40 Dageki. See the item balls? The third one from the right is a Hyper Potion, and the one past it is a Dawn Stone. The others are Morobareru. Across the bridge is a hiker, he has a Lv 38 Dokkekotsu and a Lv 38 Gantoru. Hiding in the corner is a Veteran who will hand you a Dusk Stone. At the ledge is TM05 Roar, which switches the opponent out.

Continue on from where Bel and Cheren were. There's an Ace Trainer with a Lv 40 Mebukijika (evolution of Shikijika) and a Lv 40 Burungeru. Further is a Veteran with a Lv 39 Tsunbeaa, Lv 39 Gamageroge and a Lv 39 Shubarugo (Bug/Steel, evolution of Kapurumu. Very slow but with good defenses and ridiculous attack). Off the ledge is a Full Restore. Head onwards into the Badge Check.

Badge Check

Just go straight forward. The wild Pokemon here are the same as on Route 10. The room for Jet Badge is really awesome!

Finally, you'll arrive at...

Victory Road

Yes, the final dungeon. If you want to go back and heal, or stock up on items, then feel free to fly away; you can always fly back to Victory Road.

Victory Road Wild Pokemon
    Kuitaran (クイタラン) [Outside only]
    Baruchai (バルチャイ) [Outside only; Black only]
    Washibon (ワシボン) [Outside only; White only]
    Kojofuu (コジョフー) [Inside and Outside]
    Onondo (オノンド) [Outside only]
    Aianto (アイアント) [Inside only]
    Gantoru (ガントル) [Inside only]
    Monozu (モノズ) [Inside only]
    Koromori (コロモリ) [Inside only]
    Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ) [Inside only; Swirling Dust only]
    Basurao (バスラオ) [Water only]

Another long list. The new ones are Kuitaran, Monozu and Aianto. Aianto is a Bug/Steel Pokemon with high Attack, Defense and Speed but worthless Special Attack and Special Defense. Monozu is the Dark/Dragon-type you already saw in Souryuu Gym. Kuitaran is a Fire-type with generally average stats everywhere except for Special Attack.

Head inside the cave. You'll notice that every single encounter has the rare-pokemon remix. Strange.

This room is empty. Head up the stairs.

The first trainer is an Ace Trainer with a Lv 45 Erufuun and a Lv 45 Zeburaika. Exit that part of the cave. As you step forward, the camera goes upwards to show a Veteran and an Ace Trainer. The Veteran shows you that you can slide down, but the Ace Trainer is scared. So you should slide down that next wall. There are no trainers here. There's a Rare Candy though. Pick that up and go up. Now, go up the stairs, not through the exit.

There's an Ace Trainer there. He has a Lv 45 Muurando and a Lv 45 Pendoraa. Outside is that Ace Trainer who was too scared to slide down. He doesn't battle you. You'll come across two entrances. The first one you see leads you to a Veteran. He has a Lv 44 Oobemu (evolution of Riguree), Lv 44 Kuitaran and a Lv 45 Doredia. Go to the right and move the boulder, allowing for a shortcut out of here. Head back up the stairs. Up the stairs is an Ace Trainer with a Lv 44 Yanakkii, Lv 44 Baokkii and Lv 44 Hiyakkii. Outside is a Full Restore. Now return to the two entrances. Head into the one on the left.

There's a Black Belt with a Lv 43 Zuruggu, Lv 43 Kojofuu and Lv 43 Roopushin. Head up the stairs - and you'll see a Doctor! Battle him with his Lv 43 Gochimiru and Lv 43 Hahakomori. He'll heal your Pokemon! Now go on those stairs to the higher platform. Go around. Jam that rock into the hole, and go up the stairs.

You'll get two possible ways. Let's go north, towards the stairs. Go up.

An Ace Trainer is running about. He has a Lv 44 Gigear, Lv 44 Hihidaruma and Lv 44 Gamageroge. Now, take the left cave exit. You'll collect a Full Heal. Now, take the right exit. Slide down on the far right. Now head into the cave. There's a Veteran with a Lv 45 Gigaiasu (The Final stage of Dangoro!) and Lv 46 Shibirudon (Electric-type with Levitate, so he has no weakness). Continue on the path and go up the stairs. You can go outside now, or go left. Let's go left.

Push out the boulder, then go left. If you caught Kobaruon (Covered in Optional 1 - Let's Go Surf), then this cave entrance will be open. Inside is Terakion, a Rock/Fighting Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon - Terakion
Lv 42
Rock/Fighting | Catch Rate: 3
Total PP: 55 | Highest Possible Speed: 118
    Sacred Sword
    Rock Slide
    Helping Hand

Catching him is pretty much like catching Kobaruon (it's not like Birijion because Birijion has Giga Drain). Terakion doesn't have that massive amount of resistances, but it can hit A LOT harder. Be careful. Dusk Balls will be most effective.

If you don't want to catch Terakion, then let's go outside. The Pokemon Ranger there won't fight you. Now, you can leave Victory Road and enter the Pokemon League (I recommend you do this so you can immediately fly back to Pokemon League) or you can slide down and collect items. (Just remember that the building on the left is the Pokemon Center) I'll cover the items now.

Stand just to the right of the Pokemon Ranger. Slide down and you'll go on a looooooooooooooong slide, all the way down to an inaccessible area at the base. Pick up the Nugget and go into the cave. Go up the stairs, and you'll reach TM02 Dragon Claw.

Back up at the top, slide down to the left of the Pokemon Ranger. Across the bridge is TM93 Wild Bolt, a very good physical Electric-type move. It inflicts recoil damage, so beware. Slide down again and go into the cave. Pick up the Calcium. Go back, slide down and pick up an Ultra Ball at the base. Now, return to the top and head on into...

The Pokemon League

Oh yes. You've all been waiting for it. The Elite Four. The Champion. The final battles of the main storyline. Don't head into that big castle yet, I'm sure you want to heal first and restock your items! The building on the left will do that. Now, you can go in if you want, or you can fly back to Victory Road to train against wild Pokemon. It's your choice. I recommend your Pokemon to be around Level 50 before battling them.

Snail's current team
    Lv 49 Shanderaa (シャンデラー)
    Lv 49 Doryuuzu (ドリュウズ)
    Lv 49 Shinboraa (シンボラー)
    Lv 49 Daikenki (ダイケンキ)
    Lv 50 Kojondo (コジョンド)
    Lv 49 Aianto (アイアント)

You'll notice that the Elite Four layout is quite different to all other games - in Black and White, you can choose who you want to face. I will cover them going clockwise.

You'll be carried up by a strange ghost force. Weird.

Elite Four Shikimi (Ghost)
    Lv 48 Desukaan (デセカアン)
    Lv 48 Goruugu (ゴルウグ)
    Lv 48 Burungeru (ブルンゲル)
    Lv 50 Shanderaa (シャンデラー)

Try and hit them with Ghost-type attacks, it's a lot easier. Remember that Goruugu is Ghost/Ground. Use the green teleport to get back.

Elite Four Giima (Dark)
    Lv 48 Zuruzukin (ズルズキン)
    Lv 48 Reparudasu (レパルダス)
    Lv 48 Warubiaru (ワルビアル)
    Lv 50 Kirikizan (キリキザン)

Try and smash them with Fighting-type attacks, they'll probably succumb to it.

Elite Four Caitlin (Psychic)
    Lv 48 Rankurusu (ランクルス)
    Lv 48 Shinboraa (シンボラー)
    Lv 48 Mushaana (ムシャーナ)
    Lv 50 Gochiruzeru (ゴチルゼル)

All of them are weak to Dark-type attacks, so if you have powerful attacks of those types, then by all means, use them! Ghost type attacks are effective too. (And yes, this is Caitlin from the Battle Hall in Sinnoh)

Elite Four Renbu (Fighting)
    Lv 48 Nageki (ナゲキ)
    Lv 48 Dageki (ダゲキ)
    Lv 48 Roopushin (ロープシン)
    Lv 50 Kojondo (コジョンド)

Kojondo is a lot faster than you'd think. These Pokemon have average defenses, so a powerful flying-type attack or psychic-type attack can take them down.

Don't heal. You'll get to heal later, so don't worry.

Once you return to the main area, press A while facing the statue. It will take you down to a lower area...

Head up all those stairs and into the building. You'll spot N and Adeku! It turns out that N completely swept Adeku with his Reshiram/Zekrom. N spots you, shakes his head and raises his hand, triggering an event...

Suddenly, a huge castle spawns out of nowhere! It shoots all these stairs out, and sends one straight into the champion's room! Massive damage to the Pokemon League Castle! Cheren suddenly appears and says some stuff. N heads up the stairs. Adeku tells you that you have to go up, to save Isshu from Team Plasma...

N's Castle

Yes, it gets underline and bold! It's as important as the Pokemon League! That aside, the moment you enter the castle, you'll get swarmed by six of the seven Plasma Sages. They all say stuff like 'THOSE WHO OBEY THE KING WILL LIVE'. They begin to close in on you, when a voice comes out from behind you. It's Yaakon! Then he says something like 'It's not just me!'. Iris, Fuuro, Arty, Aloe, Kamitsure, Hachiku and Shaga all appear, and they take on the Sages, giving you time to search around for N. (By the way, the names of the seven team Plasma sages are Vio, Asura, Sumura, Sharo, Ryokushi, Rotto and Geechisu) Go to the left, into the area north, then to the right and up the stairs.

N's Castle 2F

In the first room there is nothing of importance. As you approach the second room, one member of the Dark Trinity spawns. He points you to a room, the second room. You'll see a yellow-haired woman and a pink-haired woman who will heal your Pokemon. Apparently N strongly believes he is innocent or something and that is why he is so strong... I don't know. In the third room is a Max Potion. Now go up the stairs.

N's Castle 3F

In the first room you'll see a bunch of scientists and a PC! You can switch out your Pokemon, or make room for one (Yeah, you probably guessed). In the second room is a Max Revive. In the third room, there is a Plasma Grunt who will teleport you out (the one standing to the right of the fireplace). He will be standing back in the League Pokemon Center so you can return. The one on the left hands you on Ultra Ball. Head up the stairs now.

N's Castle 4F

When you enter the floor, a member of the Dark Trinity will show you to N's room. That's where he spent his childhood, all alone. That's probably why he's so strange. There's a Rare Candy in there. Also, I want N's train track set. =( Oh, and N apparently plays basketball or something. I don't know, there's a basketball hoop with a train stuck in it. In the second room is a Full Restore, and a grunt who talks about the other villainous teams like Team Rocket. In the third room, there's nothing important, so head up the stairs.

N's Castle 5F

There's only one room here. As you approach it, Geechisu will exit. He'll stand on the side for now. He talks about your stone as well. Enter the room.

N's Throne

Head straight up. N will approach you. He'll say some stuff about himself. He'll then talk about your impending doom because you don't have a big legendary dragon to save you. Typical noob. Oh well. N will keep shaking his head at you, then he'll raise his hand and summon Zekrom/Reshiram! Your Stone will begin to glow, and your dragon will be summoned, too! Reshiram/Zekrom is right in front of you now!

Legendary Pokemon - Reshiram
Lv 50
Pokemon Black only
Dragon/Fire | Catch Rate: 45
Total PP: 75 | Highest Possible Speed: 121
    Cross Flame

Legendary Pokemon - Zekrom
Lv 50
Pokemon White only
Dragon/Electric | Catch Rate: 45
Total PP: 60 | Highest Possible Speed: 121
    Zen Headbutt
    Cross Thunder

You'd really want to save your game before you battle it. It's not very hard to battle or catch, though. If you defeat it, it will just stay there, standing in front of you. After this, you can switch Zekrom/Reshiram for one of your Pokemon if you don't have room, or if you do have room, it will automatically go to the front of the party. After this, N will heal up your Pokemon and battle you!

Boss Battle - N
Pokemon Black only
    Lv 52 Zekrom (ゼクロム)

Pokemon White only
    Lv 52 Reshiram (レシラム)

Regardless of game version
    Lv 50 Abagoora (アバゴオラ)
    Lv 50 Gigigiaru (ギギギアル)
    Lv 50 Aakeosu (アーケオス)
    Lv 50 Baibanira (バイバニラ)
    Lv 50 Zoroark (ゾロアーク)

Zekrom/Reshiram are very powerful. If you don't have a powerful super-effective attack, it can be very difficult. Both are weak to Ground-type attacks, if that helps. Remember that Zekrom excels in Attack and Reshiram excels in Special Attack; use this to your advantage (if you are using your dragon). If you aren't using your dragon, N will be pretty tough. But he's not like, invincible or anything.

After you beat him, Geechisu shows up. Geechisu is frustrated with N for losing to some 'common trainer'. Geechisu then admits that he was using N as a puppet, just so he could rule the entire region. Adeku and Cheren arrive just in time to hear this. Geechisu battles you in a rage!

Final Battle - Team Plasma Sage Geechisu
    Lv 52 Desukaan (デスカアン)
    Lv 52 Baffuron (バッフロン)
    Lv 52 Kirikizan (キリキザン)
    Lv 52 Gamageroge (ガマゲロゲ)
    Lv 52 Shibirudon (シビルドン)
    Lv 54 Sazandora (サザンドラ)


Desukaan is pretty annoying. It uses Toxic on you, then keeps using Protect to stall you out. Baffuron isn't too difficult. Kirikizan is pretty much like Giima's Kirikizan. Gamageroge will faint from any Grass-type attack. Shibirudon has no weakness (It's electric type with levitate), and it can deal some pretty good damage so just pound it with neutral attacks. Sazandora is a whole different story, however. Sazandora has Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Surf and Focus Blast. With massive Special Attack, high Speed and a level that's probably higher than yours, Sazandora can be a complete pain in the ass to take out. If you can, paralyze it to set your dragon up to defeat it. If you can't, or if you're not using your dragon, then pound it against its weaknesses - Ice, Fighting, Bug and Dragon. Hopefully you can outspeed it - this is where my Aianto comes in handy (but you might not have one, so...). Anyway, just keep at it and he'll eventually fall.

When Geechisu is defeated, they'll talk some more. Adeku and Cheren will arrest him.

After this, N will shake his head, again. He'll then say he just can't call himself a hero or something, so he releases his dragon, says goodbye and remembers when he first met you... then you'll get a close-up of N, and the credits will roll. Your game will save after the credits scroll, so just be aware of that and make sure you watch the credits.


Of course, there's still more stuff to do after the Elite Four. Don't worry. I'll cover them.

(Whoah. 27,000+ words. 140,000+ characters (spaces included). 1,374 'Asian characters'. All in one week!)
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