Stickman's Adventure 8: The Destruction of Time

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Stickman's Adventure 8: The Destruction of Time

Post by Snail on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:44 am

BANG! Stickman pressed the big red button, and all the glitches fizzled away and disappeared..... The Glitch World is over.

Stickman returns back to his home on the seaside, eager to take a long break. Suddenly, he feels his heart skip a beat. He goes outside. He looks carefully at his cat for a few minutes. Nothing happens. He draws two lines and walks the cat to the other line. One step across...two steps across...three steps across (halfway).... Stickmans heart skips a beat again. He ends up all the way at the other end suddenly! Something is happening... Some remnants of the glitch world... Spaces of time... are being...deleted!

Stickman turns on the television and switches to news channel. It turns out other people have found this too.


Stickman checks the letterbox and has received a letter.

Dear Stickman, Giant Spider, Dinosaur and Dragon,

We have recognized your extreme skill in taking down criminals and fixing world problems. We at the World Intelligence Organization (WIO) have found spaces of time are being deleted. Please come to our center at 56 Rubbermat Town, Carcrashzone.

You, Giant spider, dinosaur and dragon all trek to the WIO center.

WIO Leader: Welcome. We have been waiting for you. We at WIO have researched thoroughly into this Time Deletion problem. We have found an answer to it, but we need someone's help. Someone extremely skilful. We have asked you. This is your mission:


Near the planet of Jayentea, we have found a mysterious white crack. Using infobots, we have examined it carefully. If one touches this white crack, they will be immediately burnt to pieces and destroyed! We have also found that this crack has a link to the spacetime continuum. However, there are materials which can go through the powerful burn forcefield on this white crack. You must find the Chemical Mixer, stowed away deep in Jayentea. Once you have collected the Chemical Mixer, you must return here to WIO, where we will use the chemical mixer to create suits of non-poisonous lead, non-radioactive uranium and pressurized tungsten. Put on these suits and you will be able to enter the crack.

Other information about this crack is that it is expanding quite quickly. If you do not stop it soon, it will swallow the entire universe! The entire universe will be burnt to pieces! We have also used powerful telescopes to look inside this crack. Inside are mysterious, floating, glitchy objects. We have noticed that these glitchy objects have been launching strange black beams into green and purple blocks. It is possible that these green and purple blocks are in fact Time Blocks. Please go and stop this Time problem!

You go off in a spaceship to Jayentea. You bring along a large rock. You throw it at the white crack and it burns instantly!

You land on Jayentea. You see...

How about no.
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Re: Stickman's Adventure 8: The Destruction of Time

Post by Latios on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:51 am

A large figure rising over you, Its the Popcorninator! You...

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