How to become a great JNT member: 5 - Using emoticons

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How to become a great JNT member: 5 - Using emoticons

Post by Snail on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:11 am

Hello, I'm Snail and you're here for the fifth installment of 'How to become a great JNT member'! Today you will learn how to use emoticons!

Using emoticons is quite easy. Go to a New Topic/New Post screen (which you learned about in 3 and 4). To the right of the message box are some pictures. You can click them and a short line of extra text will be added to your message. This extra text is the emoticon code.

For example,
...makes Very Happy

...makes bom

...see? It's quite easy, you just have to click on the pictures. If you preview or send a post with emoticons, where the emoticon text would have been, you (and other people viewing) will see a picture, the same picture that you clicked on to get the emoticon. Easy, right? Post if you need help.

~~ Snail ^_^

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