How to become a great JNT member: 4 - Posting topics

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How to become a great JNT member: 4 - Posting topics

Post by Snail on Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:52 am

Hello! This is Snail, and you're here for the fourth installment of 'How to become a great JNT member'! Ok, enough sounding like a TV show host and time for the actual information.

4 - Posting topics

This is a topic. In tutorial 3, you learned how to post messages, which are areas in a page containing the message. Now you will learn how to create topics, which are completely new pages accessed from the subforum's page. Now, creating a new topic is very simple and very similar to creating a new message/post. You remember where the New Post button is, right? To the left is the new topic button. Click it. Unlike a post, this must have a title, and it must be between 10 and 255 characters. Then, you can fill in the message box like a normal post and...just click send! You can preview it too, like a normal post.
Now, wasn't that simple? If you need help, just post.

~~ Snail ^_^

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