How to become a great JNT member: 3 - Posting messages

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How to become a great JNT member: 3 - Posting messages

Post by Snail on Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:21 am

Hello, I'm Snail, and you're reading the JNT Help Topics! These topics will help you become - a GREAT JNT member!

3 - Posting messages
Now, Internet forums expand and become more popular with the posts, don't they? The posts are created by the users, and if you registered and logged in (refer to 1 - Registration and 2 - Logging In), you can start posting! Now, just go to one of the forums and then into a topic - like this topic, for example - go up to the area below the turquoise navigation bar. Below is the topic's title, and below it are two buttons - New Topic (will be explained in 4 - Posting topics) and New Post. Click the Post Reply button. Type in the message you want (you do not need to fill in the subject bar) and click the Send button! In case you are using BBCode or HTML (will be explained in a different tutorial), you can also preview the post with the preview button, next to send. Once you click send, you will be taken to a page with "Click here to view your post." and "Click here to return to the forum." If you want to view your post, click the view post option. If you want to return to the forum, click the return to forum link. Anyway, I hope you have fun posting!

~~ Snail ^_^

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