How to become a great JNT member: 2 - Logging In

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How to become a great JNT member: 2 - Logging In

Post by Snail on Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:20 am

Hello, I'm Snail, and you are reading the JNT help topics.

2: Logging In

If you cannot post or send messages, do not fret. Either you have not registered (refer to tutorial 1) or you have not logged in. If you have registered, but cannot post, then you have not logged in (most likely. Unless of course, if you have been banned, but such actions will only take place if you make serious breaches of the rules). Anyway, to log in, click here. Just fill in your username and password (The JNT forum is secure, don't worry. We don't make 'deals with third parties', and no-one else can read the information that you input) and log in! Then you can post!

If you need help, just post!

~~ Snail ^_^

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