How to become a great JNT member: 1 - Registration

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How to become a great JNT member: 1 - Registration

Post by Snail on Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:15 am

Hello, I'm Snail, and I will show you how to become a great JNT member. These tutorials will also show you how to use the forum. If you need any help with this help topic - Registration - then just post away! However... the JNT forum does require you to register to post (as with most forums). Anyway, let's start!

1: Registration

Welcome to the JNT forum. Whether this be your first visit and you would like to start chatting, or if you've lurked around here to look around the forum, make sure you register if you want to chat! To go to the registration page, just click here. Registration is free. At the Justin 'n' Tom inc. forum, we respect your privacy. If you do not wish to display private information, send a private message to one of the administrators. Alternatively, you could just not fill in entries such as 'Gender' and 'Age' (I do not think that this would work with Age. Just ask an administrator and they will change it - or set a fake age, if you wish). To register, you must have an email address. You must also fill in the username box. The username does not have to be your real name. I mean... I'm not called 'Snail' in real life, am I? You can put your real name for your username if you wish.

Once you register and save the information, and agree to the terms (don't worry. This just means not to do too much bad stuff, like posting pornographic images or swearing too much. Besides, there's a forum here for spamming and swearing, and you can let yourself go. However, pornographic images are NOT accepted anywhere in JNT), you will receive an email from 'Forumotion' or 'Justin 'n' Tom inc. forum'. Either way, just open it. Don't worry, there's no viruses. There are no viruses ANYWHERE on the JNT forum, or on any of the files distributed here. You will be asked to open a link to activate your account. Once you activate your account, you can start chatting and posting!

If you need more help on this topic, just post!

~~ Snail ^_^

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